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Work conti­nues on the se­wer and water line up­grade pro­ject in the vil­lage centre of Vankleek Hill. Meanw­hile the pu­blic works of­fice is fiel­ding com­plaints about trans­port truck dri­vers igno­ring the de­tour si­gns.

“Those were sup­po­sed to be the lo­cal de­tour routes for the lo­cal traf­fic,” said James Mc­Ma­hon, Cham­plain Town­ship pu­blic works di­rec­tor. “But we are a GPS society so some people put their GPS on and that’s the way they are going.”

Se­pa­rate de­tour routes were set up for hea­vy trans­port truck co­ming in from ei­ther the north or south sec­tions of High­way 34, which runs through Vankleek Hill. Those routes would di­vert hea­vy ve­hicles around the vil­lage core along pa­th­ways meant to cause the least pu­blic dis­rup­tion.

The pro­blem is that some truck dri­vers igno­red the de­tour si­gns and en­ded up get­ting stuck in the vil­lage centre on ei­ther side of the ex­ca­va­tion. Get­ting uns­tuck so­me­times re­sul­ted in da­mage to vil­lage si­gnage, bro­ken fen­cing around pri­vate pro­per­ty, or truck tire marks across part of a lawn.

Other truck dri­vers took the lo­cal traf­fic de­tour routes ins­tead of those de­si­gna­ted for truck traf­fic, which re­sul­ted in ho­meow­ner com­plaints from some neigh­bou­rhoods about trucks going at high speed along a re­si­den­tial street.

Chief Ad­mi­nis­tra­tor Pau­la Knud­sen no­ted some com­plaints she’s re­cei­ved are about hea­vy trucks going at 100 ki­lo­metres an hour on their detours through re­si­den­tial areas.

The town­ship as­ked the OPP to pro­vide “paid du­ty of­fi­cers” at the ex­ca­va­tion area to ti­cket mo­to­rists igno­ring the de­tour si­gns. Mc­Ma­hon no­ted this is bud­ge­ted for un­der the pro­ject’s contin­gen­cy fund so it will not be an ad­ded ex­pense to the town­ship.

The Main Street in­ter­sec­tion por­tion of the main­line re­pla­ce­ment pro­ject should be done be­fore mid-Oc­to­ber. Af­ter the ex­ca­va­tion is filled in and re­pa­ved, the pu­blic works de­part­ment will re­sume the con­trol­led one-lane traf­fic se­tup for High­way 34 through the vil­lage centre until the rest of the main­line up­grade work is fi­ni­shed la­ter JO /PWFNCFS 5IF SFDFOU IFBWZ SBJO QFSJPET for­ced tem­po­ra­ry shut­downs on ex­ca­va­tion and main­line re­pla­ce­ment.

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—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Seuls les au­to­mo­bi­listes lo­caux ont ac­cès aux prin­ci­pales ar­tères de Vankleek Hill ces jours-ci, alors que se pour­suivent les tra­vaux de rem­pla­ce­ment des ca­na­li­sa­tions d’égout et d’eau. Mais des ca­mion­neurs ont igno­ré les dé­tours in­di­qués, cau­sant cer­taines dif­fi­cul­tés.

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