Thanks­gi­ving wee­kend was a treat for the Vankleek Hill Cougars as they beat the Ga­ti­neau-Hull Vo­lant 5-2, Fri­day night in Ga­ti­neau, and then crow­ned the By­town Royals 10-4 at home, Sa­tur­day night.

Sco­ring for the Cougars against the Vo­lant were Ryan Al­len with two goals and Ni­ko­las Ayotte, Ni­co­las Cas­ton­guay, and Trys­tan La­voie with singles. Goal as­sists came from Al­len, Cas­ton­guay, Jus­tin La­brosse, and Jo­na­than Leblanc. Sé­bas­tien Mo­reau guar­ded the Cougars net.

Goals for Ga­ti­neau came from Lou-Fé­lix Dal­laire and An­toine La­flèche. As­sis­ting were Jérémie Car­di­nal, Si­mon Ju­neau-Richer, and Mat­tias Roy. Marc-Oli­vier Bas­tien and Jé­ré­my Mar­tin sha­red goal­kee­ping du­ties for the Vo­lant.

Cougars’ goals gainst the Royals in­clu­ded two from Al­len and singles from Ayotte, La­brosse, Keean McEa­chern, Vincent Hu­neault, Ni­cho­las Cas­ton­guay, Ty­ler Do­pel­ha­mer, and Shayne Al­len. As­sists came from Ayotte, La­brosse, Jo­na­than Leblanc, Ryan Al­len, Kyle Gi­roux, and Charles-Oli­vier Por­te­lance. Fre­de­rick Du­ro­cher guar­ded the Vankleek Hill net.

Lui­gi Pe­lo­so sco­red two goals for By­town with Royals’ Nick Demps­ter and Sa­muel Paquette tal­lying the other two points. As­sists came from Paquette, Pe­lo­so, Alexandre Cloutier, Na­than Go­nyon, Mar­tin La­fram­boise, Jo­shua Re­naud, and Ja­cob Vic­tor. Tye Agar­dy and Da­nik Ger­vais sha­red goal­kee­ping du­ty.

The Cougars are on the road to Met­calfe against the Jets Oc­to­ber 12, and in Ches­ter­ville Oc­to­ber 13, against the North Dun­das Ro­ckets.

Les Aigles

The St-Isi­dore Eagles split their Thanks­gi­ving wee­kend games with a 7-4 win against the Lions in Mor­ris­burg, Sa­tur­day night and a 6-1 loss at home Sun­day night to the Cla­rence Creek Cas­tors.

Ja­cob Bru­nette sco­red a hat trick against Mor­ris­burg with single points for St-Isi­dore from Za­cka­ry Bou­gie, Mi­guel Cris­pin, Ty­ler Druce, and Ryan Wells. As­sists came from Bru­nette, Druce, How­son, Wells, Fré­dé­rik La­flèche, Pa­trick Ran­ger, and Phi­lippe Bur­den. Lu­cas De Vries and Bra­den Pen­ber­thy sha­red net­min­ding du­ty.

Mor­ris­burg goals came from Bran­don Ca­me­ron, Marc-An­toine Doyon, and Za­cha­rie Leblanc. As­sis­ting were An­drew Bian­car­di, Hay­den Hoe­mer, and Bai­ley Nor­man, with Mor­gan Pen­well goa­lie.

The sole goal for St-Isi­dore Sun­day night came from Ke­vin How­son with help from Ja­cob Bru­nette. Lu­cas De Vries was in the St-Isi­dore net. Na­than Me­lée sco­red two goals for Cla­rence Creek with so­lo goals in­to the St-Isi­dore net from Ai­den Can­nell, Ro­man Can­nell, Sa­meul Gau­det, and Pa­trick Le­may. As­sis­ting on the Cas­tors’ sco­ring were Gau­det, Le­may, Ro­man Can­nell, Ty­ler Ba­ker, Aus­tin La­prade, Ra­phaël Payant, and Ca­leb Smith. Co­rey Ca­mi­rand guar­ded the Cla­rence Creek net.

St-Isi­dore hosts Met­calfe Oc­to­ber 14.


Les Cougars de Vankleek Hill ont eu deux par­ties ga­gnantes à leur ac­tif lors du wee­kend de Thanks­gi­ving.

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