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The Hawkesbury Hawks brought home two vic­to­ries out of their three games last week, put­ting them in first place in their di­vi­sion with 23 points.

The Hawks cru­shed the Ne­pean Rai­ders 4-1 on Wed­nes­day, Oc­to­ber 10. Flet­cher An­der­son ope­ned the sco­ring for the Hawks with his first-per­iod goal. Geoff Demps­ter re­spon­ded with a goal of his own for the Rai­ders, ear­ly on in­to the se­cond per­iod, fol­lo­wed two mi­nutes la­ter by Ya­nic Crete for Hawkesbury.

The Hawks then so­li­di­fied their lead, late in­to the se­cond per­iod, with two more goals, brin­ging the score to 4-1. Mi­chael Mar­leau and Za­cha­ry Four­nier got the fi­nal words for their team, sco­ring the last two goals of the game. The third per­iod saw no sco­ring. Ni­co­las Elia of the Hawks was na­med first star of the game for his two as­sists.

The Ro­ck­land Na­tio­nals then vi­si­ted Hawkesbury on Fri­day, Oc­to­ber 12. The teams were neck and neck the en­tire game, with no goals on ei­ther side for all of 65 mi­nutes, in­clu­ding a five-mi­nute over­time per­iod. The Nats and the Hawks were then for­ced in­to shoo­touts, where the Hawks took the win 1-0. Luke Grain­ger sco­red the win­ning goal and the on­ly shoo­tout goal. He was na­med the third star of the game.

The goal­ten­ders took home the other two stars of the game, playing to their ful­lest until the ve­ry end. Jo­seph Gia­cob­bo sa­ved 34 shots throu­ghout the game, while Hawks’ goal­ten­der Mat­thew Pe­ti­zian sa­ved 33 of his own.

The Hawks’ win­ning streak came to an end on Sun­day, Oc­to­ber 14 with a 4-3 over­time loss to the Car­le­ton Ca­na­dians. The Hawks took a 2-0 lead in the first per­iod with goals from Je­re­my C{tp and Pa­trick Cal­la­han. There was no sco­ring in the se­cond per­iod, but the Hawks took a 3-0 lead ear­ly in the third per­iod with a goal from Za­cha­ry Four­nier.

The Ca­na­dians, ho­we­ver, did not give up. With three back-to-back goals, they tied the game up 3-3 at the end of the third per­iod. Jack­son Ster­rett, El­liot McDer­mott and Pey­ton Fran­cis pul­led through for their team with a goal each.

Ry­land Mos­ley then sea­led this great comeback for the Ca­na­dians with his over­time goal at 1:42 in­to the five-mi­nute per­iod.

The Hawks will have their chance at a re­match with the Car­le­ton Place Ca­na­dians on Fri­day, Oc­to­ber 19. They will al­so face off with the Pem­broke Lum­ber Kings on Sun­day, Oc­to­ber 21, and with the Smiths Fall Bears on Tues­day, Oc­to­ber 23.

—Ice Le­vel pho­to­gra­pher Ro­bert Le­febvre

Les Hawks de Hawkesbury ont rem­por­té deux vic­toires en trois matchs la se­maine der­nière, ce qui leur a va­lu la pre­mière place dans leur di­vi­sion avec 23 points. Les Hawks ont bat­tu les Rai­ders de Ne­pean 4-3 et les Nats de Ro­ck­land 1-0, mais ont per­du contre les Ca­na­dians de Car­le­ton Place 4-3. Les Hawks pour­ront se re­prendre lors d’une re­vanche contre les Ca­na­dians, le ven­dre­di 19 oc­tobre. Ils af­fron­te­ront éga­le­ment les Lum­ber Kings de Pem­broke le di­manche 21 oc­tobre et les Bears de Smiths Falls, le mar­di 23 oc­tobre.

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