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Re­crea­tio­nal ma­ri­jua­na may be le­gal in Ca­na­da now but ac­ci­den­tal highs nons­mo­kers are pos­sible if ca­sual users do not fol­low simple rules for safe sto­rage of their stash.

5IF &BTUFSO 0OUBSJP )FBMUI 6OJU &0)6 re­por­ted se­ve­ral cases have oc­cur­red in &BTUFSO 0OUBSJP PG iBDDJEFOUBM JOUPYJDBUJPOu in­vol­ving ma­ri­jua­na, in­clu­ding people going to hos­pi­tal af­ter ea­ting home-ba­ked treats which they did not know contai­ned ma­ri­jua­na as one of the in­gre­dients.

“It’s ve­ry im­por­tant to store any can­na­bis or foods made with can­na­bis se­cu­re­ly out PG SFBDI PS WJFXu TUBUFE 3PCZO )VSUVCJTF NBOBHFS GPS UIF &0)6 4VCTUBODF .JTVTF Prevention pro­gram, in a news re­lease. “Chil­dren, pets, guests and un­sus­pec­ting or for­get­ful adults may unk­no­win­gly consume can­na­bis-la­den foods that aren’t sa­fe­ly sto­red. If so­meone isn’t aware that they’re ea­ting food with can­na­bis in it, they may al­so consume an un­safe amount.”

Re­sults of ac­ci­den­tal use or consump­tion PG NBSJKVBOB DBO SBOHF GSPN IBWJOH VOFYQFD­ted and dis­tres­sing symp­toms of a ma­ri­jua­na “high”, to phy­si­cal health reac­tions that re­quire me­di­cal treat­ment. A per­son who consumes ma­ri­jua­na wi­thout kno­wing it could be­come im­pai­red while dri­ving and have an ac­ci­dent that could in­jure them­selves and/or others.

Ma­ri­jua­na’s ef­fect on a per­son may hap­pen qui­ck­ly when it is smo­ked. But when can­na­bis is ad­ded as part of the in­gre­dients for des­sert treats like “hash brow­nies” or PUIFS JUFNT JOUPYJDBUJPO NBZ OPU PDDVS VOUJM at least two hours af­ter ea­ting. For some QFPQMF UIF FGGFDUT DBO MBTU BT MPOH BT hours.

5IF &0)6 VSHFT SFDSFBUJPOBM NBSJKVBOB users to avoid using can­na­bis as an in­gre­dient for des­sert treats or snacks which chil­dren might see and en­joy ea­ting. Store any food items contai­ning can­na­bis in a lo­cked contai­ner or so­mew­here chil­dren would not find it by ac­ci­dent. La­bel the contai­ners as ha­ving can­na­bis-la­ced food items so adults do not eat them ac­ci­dent­ly.

'PS NPSF BEWJDF DPOUBDU UIF &0)6 BU 1-800-267-7120 or go to www.eohu.ca/


Dans les an­nées 1960 et 1970, les « brow­nies au ha­schisch » et autres pro­duits de bou­lan­ge­rie conte­nant de la ma­ri­jua­na étaient un « ré­gal » de base de la contre­cul­ture. Main­te­nant que la ma­ri­jua­na à des fins ré­créa­tives est lé­gale au Ca­na­da, le Bu­reau de san­té de l’est de l’On­ta­rio re­com­mande aux uti­li­sa­teurs d’être pru­dents lors­qu’ils uti­lisent du can­na­bis comme in­gré­dient sup­plé­men­taire pour la cuis­son au four afin de ne pas in­toxi­quer quel­qu’un d’autre par ac­ci­dent.

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