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New Year’s re­so­lu­tions for both the new and re-elec­ted mayors in Pres­cottRus­sell fo­cus on dea­ling with lo­cal high­prio­ri­ty items for their com­mu­ni­ties and de­ve­lo­ping clo­ser ties with consti­tuents.

Mayors Pau­la As­sa­ly of Haw­kes­bu­ry and /PSNBOE 3JPQFM PG $IBNQMBJO 5PXOTIJQ BSF the “new kids on the block” in the eas­tern QBSU PG 1SFTDPUU 3VTTFMM /FJUIFS POF PG UIFN IBT UIPVHIU BCPVU B QFSTPOBM /FX :FBS T re­so­lu­tion but both have gi­ven lots of thought to what they re­solve to do as soon as they can in Ja­nua­ry.

“I hope to build a tight re­la­tion­ship with our non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­za­tions and the bu­si­ness com­mu­ni­ty, and with the com­mu­ni­ty as a XIPMF u TBJE .BZPS "TTBMZ i5P NF JU T WFSZ im­por­tant to have a tight-knit com­mu­ni­ty. At UIF FOE PG UIF EBZ JG XF EPO U IBWF B UJHIU LOJU DPNNVOJUZ UIFO XF EPO U IBWF B UPXO u

“To work on our eco­no­mic plan,” said .BZPS 3JPQFM iUP EFWFMPQ DPNNFSDJBM MBOE PO )JHIXBZ UP XPSL PO B TFSWJDF TVQQMZ op­tion with the Town of Haw­kes­bu­ry. These BSF UIF UPXOTIJQ T QSJPSJUJFT BOE NJOF u

Since he was ac­clai­med and ne­ver had to deal with any elec­tion cam­pai­gn wor­ries, .BZPS 3PCFSU ,JSCZ PG &BTU )BXLFTCVSZ Town­ship has been fo­cu­sing much of his at­ten­tion on one thing and it re­mains his QSJPSJUZ DPODFSO GPS UIF TUBSU PG i8F SF JO CVEHFU NPEF u .BZPS ,JSCZ TBJE iXF MM just see what mo­nies we have for what we want to do.”

Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net and Cas­sel­man

Mayor Sté­phane Sar­ra­zin of Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net Town­ship and Mayor Da­niel La­fleur of the Vil­lage of Cas­sel­man both are fa­mi­lia­ri­zing them­selves with their new po­si­tions as head of their com­mu­ni­ties.

“I want to stay avai­lable to our ci­ti­zens, and to the com­mu­ni­ty,” said Mayor Sar­ra­zin, ad­ding he ex­pects to make more use of so­cial me­dia to both in­form ra­te­payers about lo­cal is­sues and get their views. “I want to get the ci­ti­zens more in­vol­ved in the de­ci­sions of coun­cil.”

Mayor La­fleur no­ted that one of his priorities ear­ly in the new year is to fill the one emp­ty seat re­mai­ning on vil­lage coun­cil af­ter new­ly-elec­ted coun­cil­lor Jo­hanne Si­rois an­noun­ced, two days af­ter the Oc­to­ber 22 mu­ni­ci­pal elec­tion, that she would have to step down for pro­fes­sio­nal rea­sons.

“And af­ter that, it is ve­ry simple,” said La­fleur. “I want to work clo­se­ly with the DPVODJM 8F IBWF B MPU PG QSPKFDUT UP EP u

He lis­ted dis­cus­sions with Haw­kes­bu­ry & Dis­trict Ge­ne­ral Hos­pi­tal about get­ting a sa­tel­lite emer­gen­cy room se­tup for the vil­lage as one prio­ri­ty for 2019. Other goals in­clude brin­ging the new was­te­wa­ter ser­vice pro­ject, de­si­gned with the help of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ot­ta­wa, on­line and wor­king by De­cem­ber this year.

Wes­tern mayors

/PX UIBU MBTU ZFBS T FMFDUJPO JT àOJTIFE and their new coun­cils sworn in, the three ve­te­ran mayors in the wes­tern part of 1SFTDPUU 3VTTFMM BSF GPDVTJOH UIFJS BUUFO­tion and ef­forts back on their eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment and com­mu­ni­ty im­pro­ve­ment prio­ri­ty lists.

“I want to get an emer­gen­cy room TFUVQ GPS VT u TBJE .BZPS (VZ %FTKBSEJOT PG $MBSFODF 3PDLMBOE BEEJOH UIBU IF BOE his people are dis­cus­sing with of­fi­cials of Haw­kes­bu­ry & Dis­trict Ge­ne­ral Hos­pi­tal about how to set up a sa­tel­lite emer­gen­cy SPPN PQFSBUJPO GPS $MBSFODF 3PDLMBOE UP handle cri­ti­cal care emer­gen­cy cases when quick and im­me­diate treat­ment is cri­ti­cal.

Lin­ked with that is am­bu­lance ser­vice, with Mayor Des­jar­dins ea­ger to see a so­lu­tion to the cur­rent dis­pute that the Uni­ted $PVOUJFT PG 1SFTDPUU 3VTTFMM 6$13 IBT XJUI UIF $JUZ PG 0UUBXB PWFS UIF MBUUFS T DPOUJOVFE SFMJBODF PO 6$13 BNCVMBODFT GPS FNFSHFODZ call si­tua­tions in Ot­ta­wa.

Al­so key to Mayor Des­jar­dins is seeing pro­gress on get­ting se­nior go­vern­ment fun­ding com­mit­ments for the fu­ture four-la­ning PG UIF IJHIXBZ MJOL CFUXFFO 3PDLMBOE BOE Or­léans.

i8F WF HPU MPUT PG XPSL UP HFU EPOF u TBJE .BZPS 'SBOÉPJT 4U "NPVS PG 5IF /BUJPO Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty. He ci­ted eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment plans for the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, confir­ming de­tails for a wa­ter sup­ply agree­ment with the Ci­ty PG $MBSFODF 3PDLMBOE XPSLJOH PO B OFX was­te­wa­ter sys­tem for the com­mu­ni­ty, and loo­king at a ma­jor re­crea­tion im­pro­ve­ment pro­ject for the Vil­lage of Li­moges on the list of priorities for him and his new coun­cil.


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