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Lo­cal mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties see­king fi­nan­cial aid from the On­ta­rio Trillium Foun­da­tion for com­mu­ni­ty pro­jects may have less chance of suc­cess. The pro­vin­cial go­vern­ment is cut­ting its sup­port fun­ding for the foun­da­tion by se­ve­ral mil­lion dol­lars.

Last month pro­vin­cial me­dia re­por­ted that the Ford Pro­gres­sive Conser­va­tive go­vern­ment is cut­ting its fun­ding al­lo­ca­tion to the On­ta­rio Trillium Foun­da­tion (OTF) by $15 mil­lion. There was no men­tion of the plan­ned fun­ding re­duc­tion in the go­vern­ment’s ear­lier eco­no­mic pro­file re­port. The On­ta­rio /POQSPàU /FUXPSL 0// IBT DSJUJDJ[FE UIF go­vern­ment’s ac­tion and is cal­ling on vo­ters, lo­cal mu­ni­ci­pal go­vern­ments, ser­vice clubs BOE PUIFS HSPVQT UP MPCCZ 2VFFOT 1BSL UP re­verse the de­ci­sion.

“The go­vern­ment has just put your comNVOJUZ BU SJTL CZ XJUIESBXJOH B QSPNJTFE mil­lion to the On­ta­rio Trillium Foun­da­tion, mo­ney that would have been gran­ted out UP DPNNVOJUZ QSPKFDUT u TUBUFE UIF 0// in a news re­lease. “Fun­ding that would have streng­the­ned com­mu­ni­ties won’t be EJTUSJCVUFE -JLF GVOEJOH UP àY UIF JDF SJOL roof, sup­port a lo­cal fes­ti­val, buy com­mu­ni­ty play equip­ment, pro­vide meals to vul­ne­rable people, and create jobs.”

5IF 0// XBSOFE UIBU àOEJOH BMUFSOBUF sources of fi­nan­cial aid to the OTF fun­ding cut would be hard.

“Other foun­da­tions, mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties, and do­nors can­not fill the fun­ding gap the go­vernNFOU IBT KVTU DSFBUFE u UIF 0// TUBUFE “The OTF is the on­ly pro­vince-wide fund GPS BMM PSHBOJ[BUJPOT SFHBSEMFTT PG TJ[F PS sub­sec­tor, to sup­port im­por­tant com­mu­ni­ty ini­tia­tives. In ma­ny ru­ral and small com­mu­ni­ties, the OTF is the on­ly com­mu­ni­ty HSBOU NBLFS u

Lo­cal OTF be­ne­fits

In the Five Coun­ties re­gion, some of the most recent pro­jects re­cei­ving OTF aid JODMVEF UIF 5VDLFS )PVTF 3FOFXBM $FOUSF JO the Ci­ty of Cla­rence3PDLMBOE the VanLMFFL )JMM Agri­cul­tu­ral Society in Cham­plain Town­ship, the Vil­lage of Crys­ler JO /PSUI Stor­mont Town­ship, and the Vil­lage of 8JODIFTUFS JO /PSUI %VOEBT 5PXOTIJQ

5VDLFS )PVTF SFDFJWFE UP IFMQ with up­grades to its en­vi­ron­men­tal lear­ning centre ope­ration, which pro­vides edu­ca­tio­nal pro­grams to im­prove lo­cal awa­re­ness of UIF FOWJSPONFOU " HSBOU UP UIF 7BOLMFFL )JMM "HSJDVMUVSBM 4PDJFUZ IFMQFE with up­grades to the elec­tri­cal sys­tem at the 7BOLMFFL )JMM 'BJS HSPVOET B TJUF GPS NBOZ lo­cal fes­ti­val events. The Crys­ler Com­mu­ni­ty $FOUSF JO /PSUI 4UPSNPOU 5PXOTIJQ CFOFàUFE GSPN B HSBOU UP BTTJTU XJUI SFQMBDJOH UIF SPPG VQHSBEJOH UIF GBDJMJUZ LJUDIFO BOE NBLJOH UIF DPNNVOJUZ DFOUSF NPSF BDDFT­sible to people with mo­bi­li­ty pro­blems. The 8JODIFTUFS $VSMJOH $MVC SFDFJWFE GPS wea­ther­proo­fing and other fa­ci­li­ty up­grades UP UIF MPDBM DVSMJOH SJOL

5IF 0// re­com­mends contac­ting lo­cal MPPs and al­so sen­ding let­ters or email to Mi­nis­ter of Tou­rism, Culture and Sport Mi­chael Ti­bol­lo at mi­nis­ter. [email protected] on­ta­, and sha­ring lo­cal sto­ries of how OTF fun­ding has hel­ped sup­port com­mu­ni­ty QSPKFDUT BOE QSPHSBNT 5IF 0// OPUFE UIBU EVSJOH UIF àTDBM ZFBS UIF 05' JOWFTUFE BCPVU NJMMJPO JOUP MPDBM FDPOP­mies across the pro­vince through its grants, XJUI QFS DFOU PG UIBU NPOFZ TVQQPSUJOH lo­cal job creation.

Il y a peut-être moins d’ar­gent dis­po­nible pour ap­puyer les fes­ti­vals lo­caux, les pro­grammes de loi­sirs ru­raux et d’autres pro­jets com­mu­nau­taires, en rai­son d’une ré­duc­tion de 15 M$ du sou­tien fi­nan­cier pro­vin­cial à la Fon­da­tion Trillium de l’On­ta­rio. Le Ré­seau sans but lu­cra­tif de l’On­ta­rio et d’autres or­ga­nismes ex­hortent les élec­teurs à faire pres­sion sur leurs dé­pu­tés pro­vin­ciaux et sur le mi­nistre du Tou­risme, de la Culture et du Sport pour qu’ils ren­versent la dé­ci­sion.

La nou­velle an­née com­mence sur une note po­si­tive pour Nan­cy Han­na de Haw­kes­bu­ry. Elle a de bonnes rai­sons de cé­lé­brer le dé­but de 2019 après avoir ga­gné 100 000 $ à la lo­te­rie Mme Han­na a ache­té son billet ga­gnant au comp­toir de lo­te­rie du près de la rue Ca­me­ron dans le centre com­mer­cial Coun­try 17.

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