Does any­one know AJ My­ers?

Air Force Club mem­ber looks for owner of RCAF dog tags found in Masstown gar­den


It’s not un­com­mon for An­drew Killen to churn up the odd piece of old scrap when he’s ro­tor-till­ing his gar­den.

Nor­mally, he just dis­lodges what­ever has been caught up in the tines and moves on.

Then one day, he no­ticed some­thing quite out of the or­di­nary – a set of aged, mil­i­tary dog tags.

“When I go through the gar­den we pick up all kinds of stuff, pieces of metal and glass and you name it,” the Masstown res­i­dent said.

“I jammed my ro­tor tiller up with some wire and stuff like that and I was clean­ing it out and I saw the chain and thought ‘well that’s in­ter­est­ing.’ I got it all out and the dog tags them­selves were caked in mud. Once I cleaned them up, ‘Oh, dog tags.’’’

Killen’s house used to be a bar­racks res­i­dence at for­mer Camp De­bert but some decades it ago was moved in sec­tions and re­assem­bled at its cur­rent Put­nam Road lo­ca­tion.

He fig­ures the dog tags got put aside or were lost, then likely got tossed out dur­ing a later ren­o­va­tion.

The tags are num­bered 79371, with the ini­tials AJ and sur­name My­ers.

They are also stamped with the let­ters, PRES RH/P/O and CDN RCAF.

Think­ing there may be fam­ily mem­bers of a for­mer air­man who would like to re­claim the tags, Killen took them to the Air Force Club in Truro where he left them in the care of club mem­ber Frank Leblanc.

“Maybe there’s a lit­tle bit of his­tory be­hind them and some­body would like to get them back. Maybe they’d like to see them,” Killen said.

“To some peo­ple it’s noth­ing. To other peo­ple it’s a trea­sure, right?”

Leblanc spent 25 years in the Royal Cana­dian Air Force be­tween 1963 and 1988 as a mil­i­tary po­lice­man. When he re­ceived the dog tags from Killen, he agreed it would be good to find out who the tags be­longed to.

“That would be re­ally some­thing if we could track this in­di­vid­ual down,” Leblanc said.

“If I could find out, if per­chance he is still alive, or his fam­ily. I think they are a lit­tle bit spe­cial.”

Any­one read­ing this who thinks they may know the AJ My­ers that the tags be­longed to is en­cour­aged to call Leblanc at 902-953-1088.


Frank Leblanc, a mem­ber of the Air Force Club in Truro, is hop­ing to hear from some­one who can iden­tify the per­son who owned mil­i­tary dog tags dis­cov­ered in a Masstown gar­den.

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