We gain ground here, but we lose it there

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To the edi­tor:

Just when we’re get­ting some­where with the plas­tic gro­cery bag chal­lenge, along comes an­other.

For sev­eral months now our news­pa­pers have ar­rived poly­bagged. This makes sense in rain or snow, so let’s give the car­ri­ers a break on that one.

What irks me is poly-bagged mag­a­zines. Sev­eral months ago, Canada Post, copy­ing the U.S. postal ser­vice – or was it the other way around? – bow­ing to pres­sure from ad­ver­tis­ers, de­creed that all mag­a­zines con­tain­ing loose in­serts, ads and such, must be poly-bagged at the source, to pre­vent spillage.

Our house alone sub­scribes to half a dozen mag­a­zines, some monthly, some quar- terly. To­gether they add up to scores of bags for a sin­gle house­hold. Some we re­use but most go to be re­cy­cled (which it­self takes fos­sil fuel).

Mul­ti­ply our bags by mil­lions and good-bye any progress on gro­cery bags.

Only one Cana­dian mag­a­zine I know of has fought back. The United Church Ob­server, a monthly, has gone to kraft pa­per in­stead. Plas­tic or pa­per, it costs them money, so they’re charg­ing an ex­tra $5 a year.

We don’t mind.

At least trees are re­new­able, and pa­per doesn’t poi­son land or sea. Small price to pay for a cleaner, greener planet.

Bet­ter yet, why not re­quire all mag ads to be bound in the same way?

Gary L. Saun­ders, Clifton

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