Truro Daily News - - ENTERTAINM­ENT - An­drew J. Mackinnon, P.eng. Traf­fic Au­thor­ity for the Town of Truro, Nova Sco­tia

WHEREAS, DUE TO THE CON­GES­TION OF THE STREETS IN THE Town of Truro, caused by ve­hic­u­lar and pedes­trian traf­fic and the lim­i­ta­tions of the free use of the streets li­able to be caused by the pres­ence of snow and ice thereon, I am of the opin­ion that emer­gen­cies and spe­cial con­di­tions ex­ist and so I de­clare:

THERE­FORE, un­der the au­thor­ity of Sec­tion 202 (2) of the Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle Act, as Traf­fic Au­thor­ity for the Town of Truro, I make the fol­low­ing tem­po­rary reg­u­la­tions:

1. Not­with­stand­ing that cer­tain traf­fic signs have been erected in the Town of Truro pro­hibit­ing or per­mit­ting the park­ing or leav­ing stand­ing of ve­hi­cles upon sec­tions of the streets dur­ing the hours stated thereon,

(A) Be­tween the 15th day of De­cem­ber 2018, and the 1st day of April, 2019, in­clu­sive, no owner or driver or per­son, hav­ing con­trol or cus­tody of any ve­hi­cle shall park or leave stand­ing the same upon any street in the Town of Truro, be­tween the hours of one o’clock in the morn­ing and the hour of seven o’clock in the morn­ing of the same day.

(B) No owner or driver of any ve­hi­cle shall be­tween the 15th day of De­cem­ber 2018, and the 1st day of April, 2019, in­clu­sive, park or leave the same stand­ing and unat­tended by a per­son au­tho­rized to move and ca­pa­ble of op­er­at­ing the same upon any street in the Town of Truro in such man­ner as to hin­der, in­con­ve­nience, or pre­vent the proper re­moval of snow or ice from such street.

(C) Noth­ing in the fore­go­ing reg­u­la­tions shall, how­ever, ap­ply to:

(i) The Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle of a physi­cian or sur­geon park­ing rea­son­ably near their of­fice or res­i­dence and im­me­di­ately avail­able for pro­fes­sional calls.

(ii) Mo­tor Ve­hi­cles park­ing by a physi­cian or sur­geon who is ac­tu­ally en­gaged in their pro­fes­sional oc­cu­pa­tion, rea­son­ably near where they are so en­gaged.

(iii) Mo­tor Ve­hi­cles parked by an op­er­a­tor who is ac­tu­ally en­gaged in dis­charg­ing the du­ties of a po­lice of­fi­cer or peace of­fi­cer.

(iv) Com­mer­cial ve­hi­cles parked by an op­er­a­tor for the pur­pose of load­ing or un­load­ing mer­chan­dise.

2. The time re­ferred to shall be the time from time to time legally in ef­fect in the Town of Truro. It shall be an of­fence for any per­son to fail to com­ply with these reg­u­la­tions and any such per­son will be li­able to a penalty as pro­vided by Sec­tion 292 of the Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle Act.

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