Eye-catch­ing mu­ral added to Tata­m­agouche Odd Fel­lows Hall


TATA­M­AGOUCHE, N.S. – Brit­tney Mur­ray’s art­work has added an­other splash of colour to Tata­m­agouche’s main street.

A mu­ral she cre­ated for the Lib­erty Lodge of the Odd Fel­lows now cov­ers the side of the build­ing.

“For years, I’ve been driv­ing up Main Street and think­ing it would be nice to add mu­rals to the sides of build­ings,” said the Tata­m­agouche artist. “I men­tioned it to my hus­band and he sug­gested the Odd Fel­lows hall. It was good tim­ing be­cause they’d been think­ing about do­ing some­thing.”

Mur­ray has done wa­ter­colour and acrylic paint­ings, but this is her first mu­ral.

She used im­ages of old Odd Fel­lows art­work to cre­ate a de­sign and, us­ing ex­te­rior paint, worked on pieces of ply­wood.

“There are eight pieces that fit to­gether like a puz­zle of about 170 square feet,” she said. “I had to de­sign it so it would fit around the stairs and win­dow of the build­ing.”

The pieces went up April 28 and her work has re­ceived a lot of pos­i­tive at­ten­tion.

“We were look­ing for a new sign and this came up,” said Jim­mie Le Fresne, a mem­ber of the Lib­erty Lodge. “The com­mu­nity ap­pears to be re­ally ex­cited about it and it’s def­i­nitely mak­ing a state­ment.

“We gave her the sym­bols and she put them to­gether. It was re­ally in­spir­ing to us, the way she did it. The sym­bols all mean some­thing.

“I’ve heard peo­ple say. ‘ Tell me that hasn’t been there all win­ter.’ A lot of peo­ple are stop­ping to get a close look. It’s a great spot for self­ies.”

Mem­bers of Odd Fel­lows and their fe­male arm, Re­bekah Lodge – have now shared pho­tos of the mu­ral around the world.

“There are a lot of artists in Tata­m­agouche and it would be nice to have more of them cre­ate mu­rals,” said Mur­ray. “I’d love to do more like this some time.”


The wall at the Tata­m­agouche Odd Fel­lows Hall is an eye­catch­ing sight. A mu­ral was added on April 28.


Brit­tney Mur­ray adds fin­ish­ing touches to the mu­ral at the Odd Fel­lows Hall in Tata­m­agouche. She painted the mu­ral on ply­wood and it was placed on the build­ing this spring.

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