Chick­ens and a guinea pig have their roles

Truro Daily News - - COLCHESTER COUNTY -

• Cathie Bell brought in a cou­ple of chick­ens for some of the women to train. Work­ing with the birds im­proved tim­ing and re­in­force­ment. If there’s not enough re­in­force­ment, or tim­ing is off, the trainer will lose the chicken’s at­ten­tion.

• The birds were taught to peck at spe­cific coloured dots and cer­tain shapes on cue and to knock over ob­sta­cles in a par­tic­u­lar or­der.

• When the train­ing pro­gram was com­plete, they were placed in a home to be pets.

• A guinea pig who re­sides at Nova Institutio­n has also been taught to do tricks. The ro­dent will shake a paw, twist, go up on his hind legs, and com­plete a small course that in­cludes py­lons and a jump.

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