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Of the half-dozen small prac­tices in my life that give me more en­ergy and stamina, I’ve found that drink­ing dis­tilled wa­ter is one of the most ef­fec­tive. I wrote about this back in Novem­ber, and that col­umn gen­er­ated ques­tions about home dis­til­la­tion sys­tems that I’ll an­swer here.

When steam from boil­ing wa­ter is con­densed back into liq­uid, the re­sult is dis­tilled wa­ter. Home dis­til­la­tion sys­tems are one of the best ways to make vir­tu­ally pure drink­ing wa­ter, and there are two rea­sons this mat­ters.

Be­sides re­mov­ing chem­i­cal and hor­monal con­tam­i­nants that are mea­sur­ably present in some mu­nic­i­pal wa­ter sup­plies, dis­tilled wa­ter is also free of nat­u­rally-oc­cur­ring min­er­als such as cal­cium and mag­ne­sium. But don’t we need th­ese min­er­als? Yes, we do, but there are two strikes against get­ting them as dis­solved solids in hard wa­ter.

First, the amount of min­er­als in even very hard wa­ter is in­signif­i­cant com­pared to our daily re­quire­ments. You’d have to drink a whop­ping 240 litres of hard wa­ter each day (con­tain­ing 500 parts per mil­lion of dis­solved cal­cium) to get your daily re­quire­ment of cal­cium in that way. And sec­ond, min­er­als that are present in hard wa­ter are in what’s called non-chelated form. This makes them more dif­fi­cult for your body to use, and some­what trou­ble­some to deal with bi­o­log­i­cally. Elim­i­nat­ing wa­ter­borne min­er­als that end up as kid­ney stones and painful joint de­posits is the main rea­son I pre­fer drink­ing dis­tilled wa­ter. We have dis­tilled wa­ter in abun­dance at our place be­cause of the kind of dis­tiller we have.

There are two main types of home dis­tillers in the world. Smaller units that cost $200 to $600 and sit on your coun­ter­top, much like a cof­fee maker. You fill it with about three litres of tap wa­ter, and de­pend­ing on what model you choose, four hours later you’ll have three litres of dis­tilled wa­ter sit­ting in a jug. Cost in elec­tric­ity is less than 50 cents per batch. My daugh­ter has a coun­ter­top dis­tiller like this for her fam­ily of five, and she runs it more or less con­stantly to keep up. It works, but it’s a fair amount of trou­ble fill­ing and emp­ty­ing each day. Avoid­ing this kind of has­sle is why there’s such a thing as au­to­matic wa­ter dis­tillers. This is the kind I in­stalled at my house and I’m im­pressed.

Au­to­matic dis­tillers are self-con­tained, floor-mounted units that con­nect to your home wa­ter sup­ply. They fill them­selves with tap wa­ter when­ever nec­es­sary, they com­mence boil­ing on their own, then they gather the steam and con­dense it into dis­tilled wa­ter be­fore ac­cu­mu­lat­ing this pu­ri­fied wa­ter in an in­ter­nal stain­lesssteel reser­voir. Au­to­matic dis­til­la­tion units like this keep on fill­ing and boil­ing by them­selves un­til the reser­voir is full. Af­ter that they shut off un­til you draw more wa­ter.

The au­to­matic dis­tiller we have is an Aquanui 10G. It’s made in the U.S. and pro­duces dis­tilled wa­ter at a rate of about one and a half litres per hour, with on-board stor­age for al­most 40 litres. So, what’s the ad­van­tage com­pared with coun­ter­top mod­els? Au­to­matic dis­tillers op­er­ate around the clock if needed, with­out in­ter­ven­tion. All you do is draw wa­ter from the reser­voir di­rectly, or make use of a sep­a­rate tap con­nected to a lit­tle ded­i­cated pres­sure pump on the dis­tiller. This op­tion de­liv­ers dis­tilled wa­ter to any sink in your house or your re­frig­er­a­tor.

The in­ner work­ings of an au­to­matic dis­tiller are in­ter­est­ing to see, and you can watch a video tour I made of the Aquanui 10G at Bai­ley­

Be­sides be­ing in­ter­est­ing, I love our dis­tiller be­cause it gives me bet­ter health and more en­ergy that my fam­ily and I can feel.

The fact that the in­side of our ket­tle al­ways looks brand new and scale-free is an added bonus.


An au­to­matic wa­ter dis­tiller like this can sit in the base­ment or anywhere else in your house, qui­etly fill­ing an on-board reser­voir as they op­er­ate. A small pump dis­trib­utes dis­tilled wa­ter to a ded­i­cated tap in­stalled at any sink, or you can draw wa­ter di­rectly from the unit.

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