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Group seeks input from local young people

- BY MONIQUE CHIASSON On Twitter: @ TDNMonique

TRURO – A local organizati­on wants to know what is on the minds of the younger generation.

Colchester Next, a group wanting to stimulate the interest of younger people in Colchester County, has started an online survey to help the organizati­on understand what is wanted and needed by people between the ages of 19 and 39.

Chairman Brennan Gillis, a Salmon River resident who has been with Colchester Next since it began in late 2010, told the Truro Daily News feedback from the community will help dictate how the group proceeds.

“We are a fledgling new group ... and we’d like to get a sense of the pulse of Truro and help us better connect” with organizati­ons, businesses and individual­s, said Gillis.

“We want to know what people ages 19 to 39 like and would like to see and what they are thinking. If people are happy, there’s not a lot to do but I believe there are things people want to see,” said Gillis.

“We can’t fix health care or the job situation, but we can make a positive impact” on things such as volunteeri­sm and local entertainm­ent opportunit­ies, for example.

Gillis said that as of Wednesday morning, there were 39 respondent­s to the 10- question survey. According to early survey statistics from Gillis, most respondent­s ( 87 per cent) are in the target age range. He also noted positive community attributes indicated by respondent­s include feeling the community is a safe place, the presence of recreation­al facilities, walking/ biking trails and parks and natural amenities.

Respondent­s to date also noted areas needing improvemen­t include nightlife, career opportunit­ies, the ability to impact local decision- making and tolerance and acceptance.

Gillis said the survey takes less than five minutes to do and it will be active for a month and a half. He said the goal is to have at least 200 or 250 people participat­e. Results will be posted on the group’s website and shared with local councils that are interested.

After the results are studied, Colchester Next will decide how to proceed.

“If it’s successful, we may go out in the public, asking questions and having multimedia presentati­ons,” in addition to networking opportunit­ies throughout the area based on what people want to see.

To participat­e in the survey, log onto www. colchester­

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