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Teen’s mom tells prison- death inquest about happy childhood


TORONTO — A teenager who strangled herself in her prison cell was a happy, independen­t child but who became obsessed with knowing details of her parentage, her adoptive mother said Wednesday.

Testifying at the inquest into her daughter’s death, Coralee Smith said Ashley showed few signs of problems growing up but that changed drasticall­y in her teen years.

“Most of her life, she was smiling and happy,” Smith testified.

Coroner’s counsel Marg Creal asked what Ashley liked as a child:

“Oh my goodness, what did Ashley like? Quiet time and doing her own thing. She loved her doll,” Smith answered, her hands twisting a piece of paper. “Ashley was very independen­t.” Beyond some report card comments that Ashley talked too much or could be disruptive in class, there were no issues at school until about Grade 8, Smith testified.

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