Sorry, did you say $109 for a bot­tle of Ar­gen­tinian chardon­nay?

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The maker of some very high-end Okana­gan Chardon­nay re­cently gathered a group to­gether to blind taste their wines in­ter­spersed with ex­am­ples of the great chardon­nays of the world: Ch­ablis, Puligny-Mon­tra­chet. And it was all re­spect­ful nod­ding and whis­per­ing un­til wine #6: “This wine is f***ing in­sane!” said one taster, and the en­tire room de­scended into geeky chat­ter. When the bags were re­moved, it was this sin­gle-vine­yard high-al­ti­tude Chardon­nay from Catena, ar­guably Ar­gentina’s great­est pro­ducer, and its price tag: well north of $100. What did it taste like: herbaceaous, spearmint gum, chalk, lime, ver­bena (and I’m not even sure what ver­bena is)? Most im­por­tantly it tastes like noth­ing else. I’ll ad­mit it—it takes some con­fi­dence to drop a C-note and change on an Ar­gen­tinian white, but think of it this way: if you’re spend­ing that much on a bot­tle of wine, don’t you want it to be the one that boldly stands out from the crowd? Catena Za­p­ata White Stones 2014, $109

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