Of Power and Those Who Have It

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I is an 18-year tra­di­tion for Van­cou­ver mag­a­zine: our an­nual Power 50 list. It’s an is­sue that takes a deep dive into who’s run­ning this city, and it starts with a big ques­tion—namely: Who is truly pow­er­ful? Is it the peo­ple who can get any­one to an­swer their calls? Is it the one who makes change by cre­at­ing a new sys­tem? Is it al­ways the pre­mier, the mayor? Is it the per­son who cham­pi­ons those who don’t typ­i­cally have a voice in our city—the poor, the home­less, peo­ple with sub­stance abuse is­sues—and whose eŒorts cre­ate real pol­icy change?

So we start with a brain­storm­ing ses­sion, where we in­vite peo­ple from a wide range of sec­tors and in­ter­ests—from com­mu­nity ac­tivists to ‘lm-in­dus­try types, from busi­ness own­ers to tech-in­dus­try in’uencers, and from all po­lit­i­cal lean­ings—to share what they think was im­por­tant to Van­cou­ver this year, what they’ve seen change in the city, and who has helped to move the dial.

And while the list of names they brought for­ward was long and di­verse, there was plenty they had in com­mon: In­dige­nous lead­ers have been demon­strat­ing pro­found and pos­i­tive im­pact on the city; the aŒord­able hous­ing cri­sis, and those who were try­ing to do some­thing about it, was a pre­dom­i­nant force in 2018; and David Eby im­pressed ev­ery­one at the ta­ble, what­ever side of the po­lit­i­cal spec­trum they sat on.

From there, our ed­i­to­rial team dug deep into the re­search. Jour­nal­ist Matt O’grady spent a lot of time look­ing into the hun­dreds of names that came up that ‘rst night—and search­ing for peo­ple who didn’t, too. As al­ways, the ‘nal bat­tle to nar­row the list down had its ex­cru­ci­at­ing mo­ments—the num­ber of great peo­ple in’uenc­ing our world in 2018 is, for­tu­nately for us, a big one— but we dili­gently got it down to the ‘nal 50 you can meet in th­ese pages.

One group you won’t see on the list this year: mu­nic­i­pal politi­cians. Our is­sue left for the print­ing press on Oc­to­ber 12, which means we weren’t any­where near be­ing able to call who’d be in charge of the city (par­tic­u­larly so this year, one of the odd­est elec­tions on record)—nor did any of those po­ten­tial elected o£cials have the chance to demon­strate just how in’uen­tial they’d be by our dead­line. We’ll have to see who makes it on to the 2019 Power 50—and how diŒer­ent this city will be one year from now.

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