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Organizing duo net $1.2M over three years for Heart of Gold gala


BLANC CHEQUES: Chairing the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Heart of Gold gala recently, Jackie Bevis and Janice Ketcham urged 400 attendees to deep-six their ubiquitous black ensembles and “dress formal white.” Socoloured couture can challenge some figures, but the bottom line that counted was pure green. The do took in a reported $410,000, bringing Bevis and Ketcham’s three-year delivery to H&SF executive director BobbeWood haul to $1.2 million.

ONEMORETIM­E: All-white will be the theme again tonight for JetSet Crew’s party at the Gabriola mansion built by white-sugar king Benjamin Tingley Rogers.

SIXTYANDFO­UNTAIN: Celebratin­g the State of Israel’s 60th anniversar­y at the annual Negev Dinner recently, the Jewish National Fund Pacific Region honoured “a new generation of community leaders.” That meant Garry and Mark Zlotnick, who are president and COO respective­ly of their family’s ZLC Financial Group. JNF local president Harvey Dales presented the brothers, and the event, chaired by Susan Hector, benefitted Israel’s Yeroham Ecological Water Park.

HILL’S CLIMBING: Brain injury may be diagnosed long after more-evident related traumas have been addressed. So it was with Victoria-resident figure skater Meaghan Hall, who was training for national competitio­n at age 11 when her head hit the ice, rebounded to strike her knee, then crashed to the ice again.

“It was sort of a triple,” Hill, 19, said ruefully this week while accepting a Brain Injury Associatio­n of Canada bursary — Victoria’s Shirley Johnson is president — to study biology at the University of Victoria.

Diagnosed only at age 13, when she had mononucleo­sis, too, Hill said: “I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I worked and worked and worked, and never had lunch, to get through Grade 9.” She was also busy at home, where single-mother Janet is brain-injured, too. “We help each other day by day,” Hill said. “She can’t so some things, and I can’t do some things, so we manage.”

Hill was a member of a Claremont secondary class that placed fourth among 70 entrants in the University of B.C.’s Physics Olympics. Their rubberband-powered vehicle ran forward, stopped, turned 90 degrees, started again and kept going. Looks like Hill’s doing the same.

GRANT’S ROOM: Artist-designer Dorothy Grant is back in town with a facility in the so-called SOMA district — 138 West Sixth Avenue — she’ll officially open today, National Aboriginal Day. Cousin and internatio­nal designer Gina Mae Schubert designed Grant’s showroom and office, while a third Haida, carver Jim Hart, produced the gold bracelet she wears to hypnotizin­g effect.

TIN-ROOFHOT: Whistler Film Festival Society president Rob Egan and executive director Shauna Hardy Mishaw staged a $200-ticket gala for the Dec. 4-7 event Thursday. The locale was the Sutton Place Hotel, which regularly houses moviebiz heavies.

Local director Carl Bessai isn’t one yet. But his films — including the 2007 Normal — win many awards. He arrived Thursday with thesps Sonja Bennett and Richard de Klerk, who play brother and sister in Cole, a feature Bessai shot recently in Lytton.

That Fraser Canyon village of 350 often posts Canada’s highest temperatur­es. It stayed cool for Cole, but Laurence Olivier look-alike de Klerk’s Edwardian-themed suit, tie and clip reminded me of Lytton at its most sizzling. That was in 1958, when forestry officials press-ganged passing motorists to fight forest fires for 50 cents an hour.

The trick was to not wear workclothe­s. Thus, our non-air-conditione­d Pontiac was waved through when rangers saw city-bound pals and I wearing shirts, ties and lined, heavyweigh­twool British suits. The temperatur­e was 114 degrees Fahrenheit — 45.5 Celsius. Subsequent beers at Boston Bar were as welcome as Bessai’s movies.

CAST MASTER: Arthur Erickson Conservanc­y founder Cheryl Cooper will lecture Londoners on the feted city architect’s “concrete poetry” Thursday. It’ll be part of the Masters of Concrete series staged by docomomo — — a Dutchfound­ed organizati­on that documents and conserves modern-movement buildings and sites.

PARRYDIDDL­ES: West Van-raised MaxDean’s Robotic Chair — with aid by MDA Corp. techies and others — amusingly deconstruc­ts and rebuilds itself at the Nelson-at-Seymour Contempora­ry Art Gallery. ... With the 900 block of Granville Street’s transit-tunnel trench filled almost back up to sidewalk level, maybe the longtime-eyesore Sears store could be dynamited down to match. ... Visit Steveston for the mouthexplo­sion organic cucumber sorbet with kalamasi globe Tobias MacDonald creates at veteran chef BrunoMarti’s La Belle Auberge restaurant. ... Didn’t global-warming’s crystal-ballers say there’d be tidal gains of several feet?

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Bobbe Wood saw Heart of Gold gala chairs Janice Ketcham and Jackie Bevis raise $410,000.
Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Bobbe Wood saw Heart of Gold gala chairs Janice Ketcham and Jackie Bevis raise $410,000.
 ??  ?? The Jewish National Fund honoured brothers Garry and Mark Zlotnick at its Negev Dinner to benefit Israel.
The Jewish National Fund honoured brothers Garry and Mark Zlotnick at its Negev Dinner to benefit Israel.

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