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Bombs won’t stop terrorists


Re: Trudeau doesn’t get ISIS, Letters, Oct. 8

While it’s amusing to think of letter- writer Jack Carradice cowering, blinds drawn, peeking out the window for glimpses of ISIS fighters on Chilliwack streets, his lack of understand­ing for the reality of the situation isn’t far off from many Canadians.

These are the people responding to the tough- guy rhetoric from Stephen Harper, John Baird and others. Canadians don’t shirk, we step up to the plate.

The trouble is, it’s bunk. No one is stepping up to any plate. As has become the norm, western nations are responding to the bait ( which the beheadings surely were) with an incoherent show of air power.

I challenge Mr. Carradice to find one single military or regional expert who believes it is possible to stop what’s taking place on the ground from the air.

The only troops that are engaged are a few badly outnumbere­d and out- gunned Kurdish fighters.

There is no plan and thus no chance of eliminatin­g any terrorist threat through this socalled mission.

There will be great financial cost and possibly deaths and injuries, but nothing will change.

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