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NHL must address violence

Premature death of athletes gives rise to fi nancial and ethical costs


Re: Boogaard didn’t love what he did: author, Oct. 8

Thanks to The Sun and reporter Neil Davidson for the story on NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard, who died of an overdose in 2011. He was suffering from a severe case of chronic traumatic encephalop­athy ( CTE), probably as a result of concussion­s sustained from hockey fights and hockey collisions.

I’m reluctant to even mention this story. The young man deserves to rest in peace.

However, as the NFL has reluctantl­y learned over the last few years, deaths of athletes at an early age and resulting indirectly/ directly from CTE will ultimately cost the league financiall­y. This is not to mention the ethical costs.

Many of us are looking forward to a new season of the Vancouver Canucks. Hockey can be a great game.

Many of us have turned away from the abuse and violence which NHL hockey has so often become.

The NHL must act now. No more victims, please.

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