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Julianna Margulies: no firm start time One of my biggest frustratio­ns last TV year was that during football season on Sundays, you couldn’t count on the start time for Julianna Margulies and The Good Wife. Is anything being done to correct that for the new season? — Anne Taylor via email This isn’t the response you want, but CBS already is making provisions for game overruns. The Good Wife started Season 6 on Sept. 21, and on the East Coast the start time is being delayed by at least a half- hour from the norm. The catch is that no one ever can be sure how long a live telecast is going to run, and that’s a constant question with football games. CBS undoubtedl­y will use its bottom- of- the- screen Eye Alert again on Sundays to update viewers on the start times of series. I notice that a lot of networks are now starting their shows at : 01 through : 04 after the hour. It can play havoc if you are recording a show on another channel. — John Malone We’re hoping this isn’t something you’ve only just noticed, since this has been done for a while — not with every one- hour show, but with a good number of them ( and with some half- hour programs as well). While the idea isn’t to foil those who are recording shows, that is an inescapabl­e byproduct. The idea is to dissuade viewers from switching to another channel right on the hour if the show they’re watching extends past that time — thus possibly convincing them to stay if they’ve missed the beginning of the other program. In some cases, the networks have become savvy and delay the start of some shows to be in sync with when others end on other channels. It doesn’t always work, though, since the networks sometimes alter the start times at almost the last minute. On the recent Emmy Awards, who was the woman who sang Smile during the In Memoriam tribute? — Susan Long That was Sara Bareilles, who has enjoyed an enormous hit in recent times with her song Brave, which was taken from her fourth studio album, The Blessed Unrest. It got an extra boost from being used in certain television commercial­s.

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Sara Bareilles: extra boost
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