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Victims found strapped in seats


At least 22 more bodies from the crashed AirAsia flight have been found in the Java Sea — some were still strapped to their seats — as the search appears to have now located two large objects, about 30 metres deep, according to several media reports Saturday. Here are highlights from the ongoing search: Two ships carrying experts and equipment from Britain and France were dispatched to search for the Flight 8501’s black box. The discovery of at least 22 bodies from the Airbus A320 brought the total recovered to 30 of the 162 people aboard. The USS Sampson, a U.S. guided-missile destroyer, picked up 12 bodies after they were spotted by rescue planes in an area of less than 30 square nautical miles off the coast of Borneo. Ten bodies were flown to Surabaya, where the grieving families of passengers are facing a harrowing wait for the return and identifica­tion of loved ones. Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s boss, said he would travel to one employee’s home in South Sumatra to return her body to the family. “I’m arriving in Surabaya to take Nisa home to Palembang,” he wrote on Twitter. “I cannot describe how I feel. There are no words.” Indonesian authoritie­s said five black box ping locators — two from Indonesia, two from Singapore and one from Britain — will be sent to the search area as the weather eased over the coming days. No pings from the black box have been heard.

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