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Blood donor rules frustrate


Re: Take my blood and screen it, Letters, Dec. 30

As with Peter Stokes I am also unable to donate blood in Canada because I spent some time in the U.K. in the 1990s.

I was a regular donor in Australia for many years with a regular blood type, but a blood product only 10 per cent of the population had.

I tried to donate when I first came to Canada in the ’90s and again last year, only to be told that because of the mad cow threat I was unable to donate. In 20 years they haven’t worked out a way to screen for this? JOHN FITZGERALD West Vancouver

I agree with Peter Stokes they should have means to screen blood rather than refusing it. I have donated blood in the past, but I cannot donate now because I lived in the U.K. for about six months, back in 1985-86. I have O- negative blood, which is always in a great demand. NARINDER BHATIA Burnaby

I too am a longtime Canadian Blood Services donor and was very disappoint­ed to learn recently that I am no longer eligible to donate.

We, as many Canadians, are annual winter visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had been careful not to venture from the main tourist area to preserve my eligibilit­y and personal goal of 100 lifetime donations. I learned this week that a vacation in Puerto Vallarta excludes me due to the threat of malaria.

Is it not possible to screen the blood of those of us who seek some winter warmth? BEVERLEY WHITE North Vancouver

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