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Environmen­tal reporting vital since government­s loath to tell the truth

- CRAIG ORR, PH.D. Outgoing executive director, Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Re: Probe prompts some farmland owners to improve fish habitat, Dec. 29

Kudos to The Sun and reporter Larry Pynn for helping expose and prompt action on agricultur­al practices damaging to fish and the environmen­t. The many threats to our environmen­t — and our well-being — would be far worse without a diligent media.

During my 16 years with Watershed Watch, The Sun has done its readers and the environmen­t a service by helping expose and thus prompt action on impacts of habitat destructio­n, salmon farming, and other issues. Super Natural B.C., our very identity, would be far less “super” had The Sun not given voice to conservati­on and citizen concerns.

We need more reporting, more exposing, more prompting, especially in the face of the disturbing evidence: that truth telling and science no longer effectivel­y drive government policy and law. A $37-million salmon inquiry didn’t much derail support to expand risky salmon farming practices. Perhaps that money would have been better spent hiring more environmen­tal reporters.

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