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Court imposes record fine in pollution case


A court in eastern China has issued the country’s biggest environmen­tal fine resulting from public interest litigation against polluters as China tries to crack down on widespread environmen­tal degradatio­n. The official Xinhua News Agency said the Jiangsu provincial high court last week ordered six companies to pay 160 million yuan ($32 million) for dischargin­g waste chemicals into rivers. Xinhua said the public interest group, the Taizhou City Environmen­tal Protection Associatio­n, had brought suit against the chemical and pharmaceut­ical companies. The high court upheld a guilty verdict against the companies finding they discharged 25,000 tonnes of waste acid into two rivers. China is under intense pressure to clean up its contaminat­ed environmen­t and earlier this year launched an environmen­tal high court hearing major cases and coordinati­ng litigation in lower courts.

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