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Christian values considered


Re: Intoleranc­e diminishes Christiani­ty, Letters, Dec. 29

Contrary to letter-writer David Van Blarcom’s assertion, the Trinity Western University policy of restrictin­g extra-marital and homosexual relationsh­ips on campus does not “diminish Christiani­ty.” It upholds the original teachings of Christiani­ty on sexual behaviour since its origin 2,000 years ago.

Christiani­ty is losing its influence on Western followers of the progressiv­e godless ideology of modernity that sometimes fakes a religious attitude of tolerance but that comes at a great cost: the inability to find peace in one’s heart that only religious discipline, including rules of morality, can provide. JITI KHANNA Vancouver

Defenders of Trinity Western’s famous covenant keep referring to Christian values, and some accuse critics of being antiChrist­ian. This is insulting to modern Christiani­ty.

Religious traditions are not static — they evolve and diversify over time. Jews no longer sacrifice animals or stone adulterers to death. Mainstream Muslim clerics make it very clear that burkas, clitoridec­tomies and religious terrorism are not Muslim values.

Likewise, most Christian denominati­ons no longer discrimina­te against people with an alternativ­e sexuality or expect them to remain celibate. Plenty of devout Christians are in alternativ­e relationsh­ips.

Evangelica­ls are not the Christian majority and do not have a monopoly on Christian values. I’m not even sure all evangelica­l Christians would agree with the idea of using a covenant to force celibacy on people who want to teach law or get a law degree. MIRIAM EGUCHI North Vancouver

Why are we are still having this discussion about discrimina­tion against gays? If the Trinity Western University covenant said same-race married couples could have sex but mixed-race married couples must abstain we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The university would have been forced to change such a policy in short order. Sadly, there are still people who support TWU’s discrimina­tion against gays. S.I. PETERSEN Nanaimo

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