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Dear Rouge talks Juno success


Q Congratula­tions on the Juno win. What does it mean for Dear Rouge to receive this honour?

A Drew: It’s the icing on the cake for our debut album (Black To Gold). We’re really starting to look toward recording a new record and finishing up writing. It’s a huge setup for our next album. It’s a huge amount of exposure outside of our genre. So we definitely feel we’ve got this exposure in Canada now, from the general public to the specific genre that we play in. It’s also a good reason for us to look back and celebrate how much has happened for our band.

Q How did you feel going in?

A Danielle: When we first heard we were nominated, we knew who we were up against. There were some amazing bands in our category that, in our minds, had already achieved a lot more than us. We actually had talked about how we only had about a 10 per cent chance of winning. We were both like, “It’s really cool, but maybe next year.” We already thought we weren’t going to win it, so we were truly shocked.

Drew: Our thoughts going into the weekend were all about the fact that we were nominated and it was amazing. And the performanc­e, that was our big win. Even when we won on Saturday night, we thought, “OK, we’ve got to keep it together. Our big thing is performing.”

Q How did you prepare for your performanc­e at the televised awards show on Sunday night? What was going through your mind as you performed?

A Danielle: I was definitely feeling the excitement and the nerves. It’s weird what your body does when you’re nervous. You can’t really control what it’s doing. So I had a few strategies. I was singing the song over and over again so that it felt natural. I coughed a few times to open my throat. I thought to myself, “This is a really big opportunit­y but there is a really small crowd in front of us. I’ll just talk to them to be involved.” And then it felt more normal. As soon as we started, I thought, “I’ve got this.”

Q Who designed your outfit?

A Danielle: I had it in my mind I wanted a Canadian designer. My stylist Lauren Larsen and I were looking for designers and Paul Hardy came back to us and said, “Yeah, I would be so interested.” I told him, “I want something really cool, different and dramatic. I just want to express the song.” So he brought out that white coat and he said, “What if we put feathers on it?” And I said, “Yes!” And then he sent a photo when it was done and he had added these crystals on the shoulders and all this crazy stuff. He just went for it. I was feeling like a million bucks. He was so good. It made the song stand out. I think that’s what your costume design should do.

Q What does the future hold for the band?

A Drew: We hope for big things. We don’t have expectatio­ns because it can mess you up in the creative process and you can always be let down, or you can use it as an excuse to not work hard. But we’re pretty focused. Our goal is to make a presence internatio­nally. Creatively, we feel we have it in us to go deeper and write a bolder album — bolder singles and bolder creative songs. We’re really excited to write this next batch of songs and this next album.

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 ?? JONATHAN HAYWARD/THE CANADIAN PRESS ?? Dear Rouge's Drew and Danielle McTaggart celebrate their Juno for Breakthrou­gh Group of the Year.
JONATHAN HAYWARD/THE CANADIAN PRESS Dear Rouge's Drew and Danielle McTaggart celebrate their Juno for Breakthrou­gh Group of the Year.

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