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New website is faster, more visual


Yesterday, I promised to tell you more today about the changes to our website.

This is the first major refresh of vancouvers­ in nearly eight years, an eternity in digital terms. These changes reflect new research about how our readers consume news and informatio­n on different devices.

You will find a website that loads faster and boasts a better search function. The home page is less cluttered and more visual, with videos featured prominentl­y. Individual stories include more links to related content, and visual and interactiv­e elements as our reporters and editors work to bring you comprehens­ive coverage of the most significan­t local stories.

The horizontal navigation bar at the top of the home page offers multiple entry points by content area. You can click on Business, for example, or drill down into subcategor­ies such as Energy. A bar immediatel­y below the navigation bar includes links to featured topics.

The same colour coding used for content in the newspaper is present across all digital platforms to make it easier to find stories on your favourite topics. Blue is for local news and business, green for national and internatio­nal news and commentary, red for sports, and orange for arts and lifestyle stories. The design is responsive, adapting to whichever device you use, ensuring an optimal experience on your phone and tablet.

We are pleased to answer questions and receive your feedback about the changes at feedback@ vancouvers­ or call us at 604-605-2445. Thanks for your continued readership.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about changes to our smartphone app.

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