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Bouquets and brickbats for The Vancouver Sun redesign


There’s much to like about The Sun’s refreshing new look. Congratula­tions on all of it — except for the logo.

It is just dumbfoundi­ng to imagine a group of intelligen­t people talking themselves into approving such a lame concept. And to reach out all the way to London for it? Because there are no Vancouver, let alone Canadian, design firms? Just quietly and quickly lose it and we’ll all agree not to bring it up again. Rik Jespersen, Roberts Creek

My condolence­s to The Sun’s letters editor for having the previously prominent display of readers’ voices sidelined to an inconspicu­ous narrow upended fringe on the new “improved” opinion page. That said, is there a method in the throw-out-the-old madness, resulting in making the new Vancouver Sun logo at the small upper left-hand corner of the front page equally inconspicu­ous? E.W. Bopp, Tsawwassen

Have just experience­d your new printed copy of The Sun. Not sure of it yet because I’m old and old people do not like change usually, but we adapt.

However, the crosswords cannot be in the same section — my husband does one and I do the other, so having them on the same page is unnecessar­ily awkward. I really like the weather and the New York Times crossword on the same page. Perhaps you can consider that as an option — not new, but tried and true. Kathy Stouffer, Burnaby

Faithful subscriber, but please put the index on the front page and darken the ink for the New York Times crossword for us seniors. Hard to do it in the evening light. Carol Pinkerton, Delta

Overall, I must congratula­te you on the new Vancouver Sun, but the logo by a London-based design firm has to go. Why get a firm from London to do this when I’m sure a local contest inviting subscriber­s to create a logo that really represents Vancouver would be successful. Every day I look at the “Essential California” logo from the L.A. Times newsletter I feel uplifted. I think I will feel depressed everyday I look at The Vancouver Sun logo. Janice Sexton, Vancouver

The Vancouver Sun’s new format demonstrat­es what a mess Postmedia is in. Philip Stigger, Burnaby

New format — love it. Big improvemen­t in capturing reader interest and topic delineatio­n. Malcolm Burke, West Vancouver

One can only conclude that the recent rash of retirement­s has something to do with your format change you are announcing. I am one of those traditiona­lists who enjoys sitting down with a coffee and my paper each morning. I do hope you are not going to alter the electronic edition.

I read it often when I have to rush out for an early meeting or I’m travelling. It’s so nice to see the paper just as you would at home. If you need to save money, you could drop the Monday paper and produce Tuesday to Saturday. There is very little in the Monday paper and it looks like no one wants to work on the weekend to provide content. R.W. (Bob) Garnett, Richmond

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