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Add buses to 49th Ave. route

Re: TransLink to tweak bus routes across Metro, April 1


I have been complainin­g to TransLink for years about the 49th Avenue bus, so I was elated when I saw that improvemen­ts to the route were being made. Well, April Fool’s Day prank on me. TransLink’s solution to the problem of the 49 bus boggles my mind. Shaving a few minutes off the route by avoiding Champlain Heights will do nothing to solve the real problem: too many people trying to get where they’re going on too few buses, particular­ly if they’re travelling east of Cambie. I can’t actually remember the last time I got on the 49 at my usual stop and it wasn’t standing room only.

It’s time TransLink did better than to put Band-Aids on the wrong wounds. They need to add buses on 49th Avenue line to keep pace with the increasing number of people heading for destinatio­ns like UBC, Langara and the Canada Line. An express bus would be a cure for what ails those of us who use the 49 bus. Cindy Heinrichs, Vancouver

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