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Thai pork tenderloin recipe foolproof


I have long believed that, if you want a great recipe, you’re more likely to get it from another home cook than a chef.

Not that chefs aren’t great cooks, of course. It’s just that they’re often not so good at translatin­g their ideas and actions into the written word.

The story behind this recipe is a case in point. Reader Denise Van Herk pointed out that a published pork recipe from a chef was an utter disaster — the chef had inadverten­tly included enough salt for a dish to serve hundreds in a recipe otherwise scaled down for a family.

Van Herk decided to share her own favourite recipe for pork, perfected over the years. It’s easy to make and foolproof, and clean up is a snap.

Add some sautéed snow peas and roast potatoes or jasmine rice (or coconut ginger rice from a box, Van Herk suggests) and you’ll have a disaster-free meal in minutes.

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