Vancouver Sun

Q Why are residents of a town in Nova Scotia upset over a permit applicatio­n for a bed and breakfast?


A Because they were offering more than just breakfast. Kelly McAlear and Leslie Ogle are seeking to open a B&B that caters to those into bondage, dominance and sado-masochism. The couple actually opened the Euphoria B&B in September, but closed the business last month when police learned they didn’t have a proper permit. Town planner Roland Burek says the pair have now obtained a permit applicatio­n, but he says their neighbours could launch a legal challenge because a covenant in local deeds prohibits home-based businesses. Neighbours on Poplar Street say they were shocked to learn about the unusual business, located inside an unassuming suburban home built in the late 1980s. Resident Venus Bishop says most of her neighbours learned of the S&M B&B Tuesday morning, which prompted a flurry of activity on Facebook. One online wag, remarking on the town’s recent economic challenges, wrote: “Well, there goes the only successful business in Stellarton.”

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