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Waiting for treatment in public health system a literal pain

Re: Former premier comes to defence of private health care, July 13


You don’t have to be an ex-premier to defend private diagnostic and surgical care. In my own case, if I could have afforded to pay privately for the services I would not have had to wait three-and-a-half years to relieve my back pain. After a Nov 2014 visit to my family doctor, the long process started — CT scan May 2015 (six months), neurosurge­on visit Sept. 2016 (four months), MRI Aug. 2016 (11-month wait). Back to neurosurge­on’s office Sept. 2016 (one month). Referred to neurosurge­on’s associate Jan. 2017 (four months) at which time I was told that my back was a mess but surgery time would be approximat­ely one year. After 15 months of waiting I finally had a followup visit with the neurosurge­on to review my condition in April 2018, at which time surgery was scheduled and performed on June 4, 2018 with success.

Had I been in a position to pay for private services, I would have been pain free and healthy within six months to a year. With our provincial government (with our tax dollars) going after the private clinics and diagnostic centres, our waiting times for these procedures will be worse than ever. I personally feel had there not been private clinics, my wait for care would have been even longer. If people have the resources to pay privately then that should be their option.

Norm Flewwellin­g, Chilliwack

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