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Dangers of pot not understood

Re: Dr. Patrick McGeer: Cannabis soon to be legalized but it’s not harmless, Opinion, July 6


Coming from an expert in mental health, this excellent article was in stark contrast to the informatio­n Canadians have been fed by the Trudeau government — that pot is no more harmful than alcohol. This is false. What Dr. McGeer points out that the Canadian Medical Associatio­n said no one under 25 should use this dangerous drug, which was ignored by the Trudeau government in its rush for votes and a new multi-billion-dollar source of revenue. It is unfortunat­e more experts in the medical profession did not speak out forcibly when Bill 45 was working its way through both Houses. Health Canada was conspicuou­sly absent, not doing its primary job of informing Canadians of the serious health risks that accompany legalizing pot, especially to developing brains of young Canadians.

To further complicate­d things, our police will be handcuffed trying to enforce poorly drafted pot laws that allow anyone to carry pot on their person and have larger quantities in their residence. We lack a simple roadside test for pot-impaired drivers. Permitting cultivatio­n of growing four pot plants can yield up to 1,600 grams, excessive for personal use and a gift to organized crime. Having enforced Canada’s drug laws for over two decades, I can state unequivoca­lly Canadians have no idea what legalizing this dangerous and addictive drug means to our country’s ailing health care system and downtown city areas as the pungent smell of pot becomes commonplac­e, along with more crime and transients. Larry Comeau, Ottawa

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