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The Titan Arum is a large flowering plant native to the rainforest­s of Sumatra and listed as being “at risk.” The giant plant has another name, the corpse flower. It doesn’t get this name from having the largest corm — the rounded storage organ of the plant can reach 90 kilograms — of any plant on the planet. It gets it from the utterly overpoweri­ng stench of rotten meat it releases when it blooms. Fortunatel­y, the corpse flower blooms very rarely and takes seven to 10 years to reach the point of first bloom. Vancouver acquired its corpse flower, named “Uncle Fester,” in 2016 and it’s going to bloom for a whopping 24 to 48 hours. The Bloedel Conservato­ry will extend hours for people to come get a whiff, but the place is so fun already you can come and smell something pleasant too.

When: Any day now Where: Bloedel Conservato­ry, Queen Elizabeth Park Tickets and info:

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