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Too much stress and a lack of deep sleep is un­healthy. Your body will pay the toll over the years as it runs on cof­fee, adren­a­line and lit­tle sleep. You may al­ready have no­ticed symp­toms like skin sag­ging, loss of en­ergy, mood swings, and - more sur­pris­ingly - weight gain (es­pe­cially around the ab­domen), as your hunger in­creases and willpower drops.


Luck­ily, there are plants and herbs that are shown to help in­duce a sense of calm­ness within min­utes. In a safe but ef­fec­tive way, you can use th­ese to help re­duce your stress dur­ing the day or pro­mote calm­ness and tran­quil­ity around bed­time. When you are calm, fall­ing asleep and stay­ing asleep is fa­cil­i­tated.

Do you suf­fer from stress and poor sleep? Do you wake up at night with­out fall­ing back asleep? Or do you have a hard time fall­ing asleep at all? This usu­ally hap­pens be­cause the brain is still work­ing on the stress of the day. But there is help to find in cal­ma­tive nat­u­ral herbs.

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