Words from your coach and res­i­dent Olympic medal­list to help you get started

Vancouver Sun - - YOU - Lynn Kanuka is SportMedBC’s res­i­dent Olympian and SportMed’s Run/Walk coach. lynnkanuka.com

Hel­loooo, and wel­come to our 24th year of SportMed In­Train­ing!

I will have the priv­i­lege of guid­ing you over the next 13 weeks to make sure you safely and com­fort­ably com­plete the Van­cou­ver Sun Run in a way that’s right for you.

You will be part of an in­cred­i­ble jour­ney with thou­sands of peo­ple around the province, and there is huge power in that vi­sion of health, fun and fit­ness.

I was think­ing about you on my own quiet jog along the river this morn­ing. It was beau­ti­ful as the fog was lift­ing and there were sev­eral blue herons tak­ing off from the banks, and as my breath quick­ened I felt ex­cited to once again share my ad­vice and sto­ries to help you along the way.

Just stick to the right pro­gram for your­self and make sure you have a good pair of sup­port­ive shoes. I’ll share my ad­vice each week and I know you can do it. Sun Run 2019 here we come! Im­por­tant tips to help you make a good start:

Be hon­est about your cur­rent fit­ness level. Choose the right pro­gram for your­self.


Whether you are just start­ing out or al­ready an avid walker, the Walk 10K pro­gram will in­clude a com­fort­able pro­gres­sion of dis­tances and change-of-pace ses­sions to grad­u­ally progress from 45 min­utes of walk­ing to com­plet­ing a 10K.


Per­haps you’d like to learn to run, but ei­ther haven’t had suc­cess in the past, or just aren’t sure how to be­gin. If you haven’t been run­ning for three months or longer, this is the pro­gram to start with. Us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of walk­ing and run­ning, we will slowly and com­fort­ably progress to be­ing able to safely walk/run a 10K.


Per­haps you’d like to ei­ther try to run faster for your­self or even just feel more com­fort­able when you run. Your pace is per­sonal, and this pro­gram will in­tro­duce change-of­pace run­ning with pro­gres­sions in dis­tance and in­ten­sity to help you com­plete your 10K more com­fort­ably than you ever have be­fore.

For this pro­gram you should al­ready be run­ning eas­ily three times per week for 30 min­utes at a time. If that’s not you, then choose the Learn To Run 10K pro­gram.

Be pa­tient. Most peo­ple tend to do too much, too fast, too soon. Re­mem­ber, you should al­ways fin­ish feel­ing like you could have done more.

Stick to the sched­ule. No more and no less. It is a suc­cess­ful pro­gram.

Make sure you have good sup­port­ive shoes when you start the pro­gram. It will help your suc­cess and pre­vent in­jury.

Stay at a nice, easy talk­ing pace most of the time. If you are un­able to string a few sen­tences to­gether in con­ver­sa­tion, then you are go­ing too fast for your­self. Slow down!

It’s your arm ac­tion that sets the pace and main­tains your rhythm. Pump those arms and the legs will fol­low.

Keep a log­book and record your suc­cesses. It will keep you mo­ti­vated.

Do a dy­namic warm-up to get the cir­cu­la­tion go­ing.

Do a stretch af­ter­wards in your cool-down. It will help pre­vent in­jury.

In­vite a friend or ca­nine crea­ture to fol­low the pro­gram with you. It will be fun to share in the ex­pe­ri­ence and help keep you mo­ti­vated.


It is fun and en­joy­able.

It is ex­cel­lent for heart health. It builds healthy bones. It im­proves mood and re­duces stress.

It in­creases flex­i­bil­ity.

It is an ef­fec­tive way to con­trol weight.

It is a good form of trans­porta­tion.

It is good for the en­vi­ron­ment. You can do it any­where, any­time. All you need is a tried-and-true train­ing pro­gram, good coach­ing ad­vice and proper run­ning or walk­ing shoes.

You’re on your way with Week 1!

Lynn Kanuka

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