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Canadian Forces personnel are being held in reserve in case the effects of the COVID-19 gets worse but at this point military commanders expect most of their role for domestic operations to focus on dealing with spring floods and later forest fires. The Canadian Forces is in the midst of mobilizing up to 24,000 personnel to deal with the pandemic but there has only been one request for help from the military and that was from Quebec. The request involves the use of Canadian Rangers to help with support for medical personnel in remote northern communitie­s. Toronto Mayor John Tory noted the city is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and doesn’t need military assistance, for now. Military planners are continuing with the mobilizati­on process, which includes putting thousands of part-time reserve force members on full-time. Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance tweeted on Thursday that “ships, vehicles and personnel are poised should natural disasters demand a response, or further requests are received to support the response to the spread of COVID-19.”

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