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The number of COVID-19 cases in prisons is rising, spurring Canada’s criminal lawyers and an inmate advocacy group to ask federal and provincial government­s to reduce the number of people in the institutio­ns. Cases doubled to at least 42 at institutio­ns in Quebec, Ontario and B.C. this week. At a prison in Mission, B.C., the number has increased to at least 14, and at the Grand Valley Institutio­n for Women in Ontario about eight inmates are infected. Quebec has outbreaks at the Joliette Institutio­n, where at least 10 prisoners have the virus, and at the Port-cartier prison, where about nine are sick. The virus has also been diagnosed in at least 49 prison guards at Port-cartier, Joliette and Donaconna institutio­ns in Quebec and in Ontario’s Grand Valley Institutio­n.

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