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Let it rain


Whether you’re on day 10 or day 20 of social distancing, there’s no denying the fact that we’ve come to cherish the great Canadian outdoors even more than we already did. A bit of fresh air is always a good idea. And now that it’s officially spring, we’re especially thankful to live in such a glorious, beautiful country — just remember to be prepared come rain or shine. Rebecca Tay discovers five wet weather styles you might want to invest in.


If you’re looking for a no-frills raincoat that ticks all the necessary boxes — waterproof, goes with everything, versatile as can be — look no further than this upcycled style from the Gap, which is also available in navy and sky blue. Best of all, it’s upcycled because it’s made from 33.2 standard-size recycled plastic bottles — and every little bit of feel-good factor is more than welcome right now.

Gap, | $128


A good pair of wellies is a Vancouver must, and we’re loving this new ‘Play’ style from Hunter. A more streamline­d take on the Original Boot, it features a chic, lower profile and flatter, platform sole that’s perfect for pairing with skirts and cropped jeans.

Hunter, hunterboot­ | $120


Vancouver weather is highly unpredicta­ble, so a coat that covers almost every eventualit­y is a good thing. Enter this reversible style, which features a light insulation for warmth and a water-resistant coating in case it starts drizzling. Don it leopard and quilted side out when you’re feeling more fashion-forward; black side out when you’re after a more minimalist, incognito look.

Banana Republic, bananarepu­ | $215


Fashion is — and always has been — a wonderful source of escapism, so if you’re looking for something a little fanciful and fun right now, you’re in luck. Made from water-resistant 100 per cent polyamide, this colourful Gucci hood is both mood-boosting and practical. The collar can be worn over your coat or tucked in, depending on your mood, and the whole thing comes in a little pouch so you can throw it in your pocket and go.

Gucci, | $485


We don’t need much these days when we leave the house — just the basics (wallet, keys, phone) and everything else can stay at home. If you’re like us and your usual handbag feels a little overkill, consider this pouch by boutique Danish brand Rains. Technicall­y, it’s a cosmetics bag, but we think it doubles quite nicely as a waterproof clutch.

Gravity Pope, gravitypop­ | $50

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