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With gal­leries locked, concert halls closed and the­atres dark, Post­media has reached out to B.C. artists of all types to find out what they are do­ing dur­ing these try­ing COVID-19 times.

Van­cou­ver au­thor Naza­nine Hozar, whose de­but novel Aria has just been nom­i­nated for the Ethel Wil­son Fic­tion Prize (a B.C. Book Prize awarded an­nu­ally to the best work of fic­tion by a res­i­dent of Bri­tish Columbia), has taken some time to an­swer our iso­la­tion ques­tion­naire.

Q Where are you spend­ing most of your time?

A I’m in my stu­dio apart­ment, mostly on my couch.

Q Who are you with? A My fam­ily.

Q Where are you get­ting your in­for­ma­tion?

A WHO, sci­en­tific jour­nals like Sci­ence and Na­ture, as well as the up­dates from Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Q What is some­thing you are do­ing that you don’t nor­mally do?

A Post­ing up­dates on so­cial me­dia from WHO and the jour­nals I men­tioned. I rarely used so­cial me­dia be­fore, but feel it’s im­por­tant to help get vi­tal, cor­rect in­for­ma­tion out there at this time.

Q What do you have lots of in your cup­boards?

A I haven’t over­stocked. I don’t have a lot of any­thing. It’s im­por­tant to free up the sup­ply chains and un­der­stand there is enough pro­duce and goods to go around.

Q What have you been read­ing?

A Up­dated sci­en­tific pa­pers about the virus, as well as the re­search ma­te­rial I was read­ing be­fore for a novel I’m work­ing on. I also re­cently picked up Don Quixote again. I find the com­bi­na­tion of tragedy and ab­sur­dity calm­ing for some rea­son, maybe be­cause it re­flects re­al­ity.

Q What have you been watch­ing?

A Ridicu­lously cute videos of an­i­mals on Youtube to lighten the mood. As well as a hi­lar­i­ous Bri­tish show called The Wind­sors.

Q What are you do­ing for ex­er­cise?

A Pac­ing around my apart­ment. Danc­ing with my cats.

Q What wor­ries you?

A Sci­en­tific il­lit­er­acy, as well as peo­ple who are ei­ther ig­no­rant or too stub­born to take so­cial dis­tanc­ing and self-iso­la­tion se­ri­ously.

Q When this ends, what will be dif­fer­ent?

A I couldn’t pos­si­bly know. Hope­fully bet­ter sci­ence ed­u­ca­tion and a greater re­spect for health-care work­ers who are an­gels on Earth.

Naza­nine Hozar

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