Vancouver Sun : 2020-04-11



PANDEMIC NP6 nationalpo­ VANCOUVER SUN, SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2020 CONNECT LOCAL WITH BUSINESSES HERE TO SERVE YOU. SOME BUSINESSES REMAIN OPEN TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY IN THESE CHALLENGIN­G TIMES. WE CAN HELP LET PEOPLE KNOW. We have created a directory of businesses that you can use to continue to receive the products and services that you rely on. THINK LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL. IF YOU’RE A BUSINESS, WE WANT TO INFORM THE COMMUNITY IF YOU ARE: offering services such as takeout or delivery; changing your capacity or hours of operation; offering special hours to accommodat­e seniors’ needs; providing an essential service to the community and want to increase awareness that you’re open for business. • • • • To add your FREE business listing or connect with local businesses visit Vancouvers­­albusiness

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