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CITY A6 SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2020 VANCOUVER SUN PAID ADVERTISEM­ENT Pill Most Recommende­d By US Sex Therapists Gets Long-awaited Approval in Canada The highly anticipate­d pill is approved by Health Canada for boosting testostero­ne, and has been used by sexual health doctors in the US for nearly a decade. No prescripti­on will be required in Canada. BH Testostero­ne, TORONTO: One of America’s most recommende­d nonprescri­ption sex pills is now approved in Canada, giving men an equal opportunit­y to enjoy the outstoundi­ng results experience­d by their US counterpar­ts. Sold under the brand name the new pill was developed specifical­ly for aging men, bolstering both physical, mental and sexual health. When taken just once daily, research shows it can increase red blood cell count, the cells responsibl­e for oxygenatin­g organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs. As oxygen levels increase, so does cellular energy, allowing these organs to function like they were years younger. Perhaps more important, the pill supports testostero­ne levels, by blocking the enzyme in men which usually destroys it. The result is higher levels of testostero­ne in the blood stream which leads to exciting changes in the bedroom including exceptiona­l performanc­e and a strong sex drive. “It’s wildly successful among Americans and we expect the same to hold true for Canadians” explains a spokespers­on for the company behind the pill. “With daily use, men can expect their sexual performanc­e to improve as well as key to health markers such a strength, stamina, endurance, muscle, and even cholestero­l and triglyceri­des”, he adds. what was came out. Remarkably, the study also found that these men also experience­d a 56.7% decrease in muscle deteriorat­ion. In laymen terms, these kept their remaining muscles for longer. was truly that this without amazing strength working fail. Then they look to synthetic testostero­ne replacemen­t in the form of injections, patches, and gels. But these alternativ­es can overwhelm the body and carry a black label for potential serious side effects. That’s so popular the states. Doctor’s believe it works so well because it targets the aromatase enzyme and essentiall­y makes it useless, preserving your testostero­ne and and reversing ay effects you may have felt from lower testostero­ne. Additional ingredient­s in the formula help to boost red blood cell levels quickly, getting energizing-oxygen into every organ that needs it. BH Testostero­ne, why has become with men in BH Unexpected Bonus for Your Heart, Lungs, Joints, and Bones Testostero­ne The proprietar­y formula also brings on other outstandin­g health changes, especially within your cells, where everything starts. According to its creators, its second active ingredient has been shown to increase red blood cell counts in men. Research shows that red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to body tissues and carbon dioxide as a waste product, away from the tissues and back to the lungs. The increase in red blood cells and oxygen in your muscles results in more blood flow and strength. It’s this cycle that also gives your organs the cellular energy they need to thrive and work at maximum efficiency. BH Testostero­ne The Secret To Testostero­ne & Male Vitality It’s almost ironic that a pharmaceut­ical company would develop asomething other than a drug, but it’s true. The California-based firm explains they are focused on OTC and consumer care products for those looking for nonprescri­ption alternativ­es, like The active ingredient in the pill is a special plant-based extract called eurycoma longifolia. According to the most recent studies on the extract, if concentrat­ed to the right amount, like in , it prevents the aromatase enzyme from destroying your testostero­ne, ultimately resulting in improvemen­ts in physical and sexual health. Your Local Toy Store Is Now Online! An Innovative Sex and Health-revitalizi­ng Pill for Men BH Testostero­ne. bcplaythin­ With daily use, users report remarkable improvemen­ts in their quality of life without of the serious side effects or interactio­ns associated with prescripti­on drugs. Readers can now enjoy an entirely new level of physical and sexual health that’s safer and more effective. BH Testostero­ne BH Testostero­ne An Injection-free, Prescripti­on-free Alternativ­e Studies show that as men get older, their testostero­ne levels decline due to increased activity of aromatase – the nastylittl­e enzyme which converts testostero­ne into the female hormone estrogen. Overtime, as this enzyme runs rampant, men experience the side effects of accelerate­d testostero­ne loss (ATL) such as exhaustion, muscle loss, fat gain and one sexual failure after another. Even worse, if testostero­ne levels fall too low, life threatenin­g conditions can arise − obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and osteoporos­is are among the most serious. To combat these horrific side effects, many men try pills like Viagra or Cialis, but since these options do absolutely nothing for testostero­ne, they often Risk Free Supply for Local Readers Only The consequenc­es of low testostero­ne can be severe according to WEBMD. (604) 986-4111 This is the official release of As such, the company is offering a special discounted supply to any reader who calls within the next 48 hours. A special hotline number and discounted pricing has been created for all Canadian readers. Discounts will be available starting today at 6:00AM and will automatica­lly be applied to all callers. Your Toll-free Hotline number is 1-800-296-2146 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a limited discounted supply of is currently available in your region. Consumers who miss out on our current product inventory will have to wait until more becomes available and that could take weeks. The company advises not to wait. Call 1-800-296-2146 today. BH Testostero­ne. USE CODE VSPAD2020 ONLINE FOR UNTIL APRIL 30TH, 2020 10% OFF • Poor sexual performanc­e • Erection issues • Bad sleep • Fatigue • Irritabili­ty • Enlarged prostate • Muscle weakness • Increased stomach, chest, and body fat GENESIS by Savannah A Rush of Youthful Testostero­ne BH Testostero­ne In a study published by the National Institutes of Health, men dosing with this extract saw a staggering 66.9% increase in free testostero­ne in weeks. This additional testostero­ne led to an impressive 22% increase in muscle strength. And Genesis - the new luxury double glass, screen-free gas fireplace line. Available in one-sided linear, 3 sided bay-front, and 4 sided see-through models. Manufactur­er’s online rebates available now for PLUS additional in-store discounts for double the savings of up to $750 off! up to $1500 off! thefirepla­cewarehous­ IS AUTHORIZED FOR SALE BY HEALTH CANADA FOR THE FOLLOWING INDICATION­S: HELPS IN ENERGY METABOLISM AND IN TISSUE FORMATION; HELPS TO FORM RED BLOOD CELLS; SUPPORTS AND PROMOTES TESTOSTERO­NE PRODUCTION. BH TESTOSTERO­NE #115-12320 Vulcan Way, Richmond,604-284-2550 Tuesday-friday 10am-4pm, Saturday by appointmen­t only Closed Sunda, Monday and holidays *see store for details. BETTER SEX, BETTER HEALTH: The developers of a California­based pharma company, announced its official release in Canada. Readers are entitled to substantia­l discounts during the intro period.

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