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Poll suggests majority in B.C. want vaccine proof for travel

About three-quarters of residents want visitors to show they've been inoculated


About a quarter of British Columbians who haven't got their jab yet are suffering from vaccine envy and a quarter are suffering anxiety while they wait for their vaccine, according to a new poll on vaccines.

And a majority of respondent­s in B.C. support the idea of outsiders and even other locals carrying a vaccine certificat­e to prove they're protected from COVID -19, the poll shows.

The new Leger poll also shows that 16 per cent of British Columbians have been vaccinated, a percentage that rose to 25 per cent for those 55 and older.

Of respondent­s not yet offered a vaccinatio­n, generally those under 55, one-quarter of say they believe they should already have received their jabs and one-quarter are feeling “jealous” or “anxious” that “others are getting vaccinated before I am.”

The poll, conducted for Postmedia, also found strong support for vaccine “passports” for travellers. About 77 per cent supported asking visitors coming to B.C. from abroad to provide proof of vaccinatio­n. And 75 per cent believe B.C. residents should show proof before travelling abroad.

A majority also supported passports for domestic travel.

A majority of respondent­s, 73 per cent, agreed with the view that “those who choose not to get vaccinated are creating issues for the broader community.” Agreement with that statement was higher among those vaccinated, at 88 per cent, and among those 55 and older, at 79 per cent.

The requiremen­t for proof of vaccines to travel to certain countries is not new, said Dr. Judy Iles, professor of neurology at UBC. They are common for vaccinatio­ns against typhoid, malaria and small pox.

“It's unsurprisi­ng that the public supports it,” she said.

She said “passports” is not the right word for proof of vaccinatio­n, as if it confers rights of passage, and they instead should be called certificat­ions.

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