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The packaging backlog in the U.S. is so bad it's slowing down shipments of eggs to grocery stores. A pandemic-era surge in demand for groceries has left North America's packaging industry struggling to keep up. It's so bad that Egg Innovation­s, one of the biggest pasture-raised and free-range egg producers in the U.S., is expanding its supply chain to include manufactur­ers in Malaysia, founder and president John Brunnquell said. Cartons that typically would be ready in four to six weeks are taking as long as four months, Brunnquell says. That's forcing the company to delay the launch of a new brand of eggs by two months. It's also delaying existing shipments. Further, prices for the packaging have jumped six per cent in the last eight weeks, he said. Backlogs are also a problem with corrugated boxes used for items like pizza and shipping perishable food.

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