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Melinda Gates first contacted divorce lawyers two years ago, after the scope of her husband Bill's relationsh­ip with billionair­e pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was made public, it has been claimed.

Bill Gates met with the disgraced financier on multiple occasions, even posing for a photo at the New York townhouse where Epstein was accused of abusing young girls, and once stayed there “late into the night,” according to the New York Times. While the 65-year-old has not been accused of any wrongdoing, his dealings with Epstein were a “source of concern” for his wife, a former employee of the Gates Foundation told the Wall Street Journal.

In 2013, she even warned Bill Gates about his associatio­n with the convicted sex offender, according to the Daily Beast, but the two men are understood to have maintained contact for at least another year. Last week, the Gateses announced their separation after 27 years, with court documents outlining that the marriage was “irretrieva­bly broken.”

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