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Amero sent tips on hits via texts, Crown says


Hells Angel Larry Amero didn't care if his enemies were gunned down in public places, putting others at risk, a prosecutor suggested at the biker's sentencing hearing in B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

In text messages between Amero and his co-conspirato­rs leading up to the 2012 murders of rival gangsters Sandip (Dip) Duhre and Sukh Dhak, Amero offered suggestion­s as to where and how to do the hits.

Included on the list was a Surrey pub hosting a party that Dhak was expected to attend and a tire shop, Crown prosecutor Damienne Darby said.

Darby continued her cross-examinatio­n of defence psychologi­st Dylan Gatner by going over several of the messages retrieved from encrypted devices seized by police. A jury convicted Amero in August of two counts of conspiracy to kill — one for Duhre and one for Dhak. They were gunned down months apart in 2012.

Gatner's report on Amero said the Hells Angel did not have an anti-social personalit­y disorder. But Darby told Justice Miriam Maisonvill­e that the tone of the message and the violence they laid out suggested anti-social conduct on Amero's part. In one message, Amero told an associate dubbed Dog Whisperer, that Duhre regularly met a friend of Amero's.

“Mr. Amero says `we can get Dip now. He meets my bro all the time' and Dog Whisperer says `Nice, let's do it,'” Darby said. “They're discussing killing Mr. Duhre, correct?” Gatner agreed.

“Does that suggest either aggression and or anti-social traits on the part of Mr. Amero, this kind of cavalier attitude towards murdering someone or having them murdered?” Darby asked.

Gatner said the messages included “very aggressive statements. But as I stated yesterday, it's important to understand these in the broader context. Is this a pervasive pattern of difficulti­es that are occurring across broad context? Or is this a highly specific issue within organized crime and anti-social affiliates?”

Darby cited a message where Amero urges an associate to “scope” the Surrey pub where Dhak was “to see if that's a doable spot for a murder.”

“And would you agree that this shows a callous disregard not only for the intended targets, but any member of the public who might be having a meal at the ... pub?”

Gatner agreed, but still said it was still hard to classify Amero's comments without more informatio­n or context.

Amero's sentencing has been scheduled for 15 days and is expected to continue into June.

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