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Morant contrite after another gun video


Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant said he took full accountabi­lity for his actions, in a statement published by U.S. media after another social media video emerged showing the two-time all-star holding what appeared to be a gun.

The Grizzlies suspended Morant from all team activities on Sunday, roughly two months after a similar incident that saw him suspended for eight games when he appeared in a livestream­ing video on Instagram holding a firearm at a nightclub.

“I know I've disappoint­ed a lot of people who have supported me. This is a journey and I recognize there is more work to do,” Morant said in a statement.

“My words may not mean much right now, but I take full accountabi­lity for my actions. I'm committed to continuing to work on myself.”

NBA commission­er Adam Silver said they were investigat­ing the incident, admitting he was “shocked” when he saw the video after Morant had seemed to take the first suspension “incredibly seriously ” when they spoke.

“We spoke for a long time about not just the consequenc­es that could have on his career, but the safety issues around it. He could have injured, maimed, killed himself or someone else with an act like that,” Silver said at NBA's draft lottery.

“He has an incredibly huge following. My concern, and I thought he shared with me, that tens of millions of kids globally would see him as having done something that was celebratin­g in a way, that act of using a firearm in that fashion.

“Now, we're in the process of investigat­ing it and we'll figure out exactly what happened to the best we can. The video is a bit grainy and all that, but I'm assuming the worst.”

Another suspension would see Morant miss the start of the 2023-24 season.

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