Who the heck is An­drea Hor­wath?

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When the 2018 pro­vin­cial elec­tion cam­paign be­gan, Doug Ford had a dou­ble-digit lead in the polls over Premier Kath­leen Wynne. But ev­ery­thing has turned up­side down and sud­denly NDP leader An­drea Hor­wath is all the rage. We thought we’d get to know the per­son be­hind the can­di­date with a Proust ques­tion­naire

In the fi­nal days lead­ing up to the elec­tion, if there is one sto­ry­line that was un­ex­pected, it is the rise of the New Demo­cratic Party led by Hamil­ton na­tive An­drea Hor­wath. The sin­gle mom has never wa­vered from her game plan and has fi­nally bro­ken through with voters as the clear choice for pro­gres­sives. In a way, she’s man­ag­ing to unite the left, and if she can some­how ap­peal to the mushy-mid­dle, anti–Doug Ford vote, she’s got a real chance to be­come the next premier of On­tario on June 7. Let’s see what makes her tick:

What is your idea of per­fect hap­pi­ness?

Oh my gosh, these days it’s a bub­ble bath and a glass of wine.

What is your great­est fear?

I’m a mom, so my great­est fear is some­thing go­ing wrong with my son.

Name one thing you would like to change about your­self.

Oh, you know, my sweet tooth.

What is the one trait you most de­plore in oth­ers?

I don’t like the BS, you know. I like peo­ple to be straight and not full of baloney.

Which liv­ing per­son do you most ad­mire?

That’s a hard one only be­cause I get my in­spi­ra­tion from so many dif­fer­ent peo­ple and not nec­es­sar­ily fa­mous peo­ple, just everyday work­ing folks who try to make a good life for them­selves and their fam­i­lies. Peo­ple strug­gle, and for me those are the he­roes.

What is your great­est ex­trav­a­gance?

Prob­a­bly get­ting my nails and toe­nails done on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

Which words do you most overuse?

Be­cause I’m a politi­cian, I think I use the phrase, “in fact” a lot. It’s kind of a re­join­der, es­pe­cially these days when we are on the cam­paign trail and there is all kinds of loose in­for­ma­tion out there.

Who or what is the great­est love of your life?

My son would be my great­est love, and num­ber two would be my dog, Waf­fle.

Which tal­ent would you most like to have?

I’d like to be able to carry a tune.

What is your favourite tele­vi­sion show?

Prob­a­bly The Black­list, although I don’t watch it on TV. I watch it on Net­flix be­cause, first of all, I didn’t start watch­ing it un­til re­cently, and sec­ond of all, I don’t have time to tune into any­thing on time. If there is one other show I try to watch if I have a minute it’s Jeop­ardy. I still like Alex Tre­bek. Is that old-fash­ioned or what.

If you could change one thing about your­self, what would it be?

Prob­a­bly my com­mit­ment to my ex­er­cise rou­tine. I need to be a bit more dis­ci­plined on ex­er­cise.

What do you con­sider your great­est achieve­ment?

What I’m do­ing right now: be­ing able to be the leader of a po­lit­i­cal party and show the prov­ince of On­tario dur­ing this elec­tion that things can be done dif­fer­ently.

What is your most trea­sured pos­ses­sion?

I would have to say, it’s a part of a big­ger pos­ses­sion. I have some­thing that was given to me by a First Na­tions leader in north­ern On­tario. It’s called a bun­dle, and it’s ac­tu­ally a tur­tle shell, and I use it as a re­cep­ta­cle for other trea­sured items like, for ex­am­ple, baby teeth, a ring my son gave me, coins from dif­fer­ent coun­tries, an edel­weiss my fa­ther gave me. It’s kind of a neat thing.

Which his­tor­i­cal fig­ure do you most iden­tify with?

I would say Agnes Macphail. She was one of the first fe­male MPPs, and she fought bat­tles that no­body else would fight for peo­ple that no­body else re­ally cared about. And I see her as some­one I very much ad­mire.

What is your great­est re­gret?

I try not to fo­cus too much on re­grets. They stop you from build­ing your fu­ture. You lose a lot of en­ergy from re­grets. Learn from your mis­takes and move on.

When and where were you hap­pi­est?

When I was spend­ing more time with my son, as a mom, when he was young. He’s 25 now, but that was a happy time.

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