The man be­hind the fa­mous $40 shaved truf­fle and brie de meaux–topped eight-ounce By­mark burger names Toronto’s top plant-based of­fer­ings

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Mark McEwan, who gave T.O. the $40 ham­burger, on the city’s best veg­gie burger

WEST COAST VEG­GIE BURGER UNION SO­CIAL Over­all, McEwan says of this burger topped with ched­dar cheese av­o­cado and honey wa­ter­cress mayo, “It is the best pack­age. It has the best bun, is the best size and has nice top­pings.” 4899 Yonge St., $14.98

VE­GAN BIG MAC DOOMIES “There’s no way you can get your mouth around that,” says McEwan and laughs as he bites the big burger piled high with two pat­ties, “It Is def­i­nitely a riff on the Big Mac. The pat­ties ac­tu­ally re­sem­ble meat.” 1346 Queen St. W., $17

VE­GAN BURGER GLOW FRESH GRILL This hum­mus, artichoke and cashew patty in a let­tuce wrap is more of a salad in McEwan’s eyes: “If you’re go­ing to call it burger, you should try to em­u­late the ex­pe­ri­ence of a burger,” he says. 7 Marie La­batte Rd., $19

CHEF DAVID LEE'S TRUF­FLE PLANTA BURGER PLANTA McEwan says that the patty feels like real meat, and it has a nice tra­di­tional burger look. “The truf­fle frit­ter is tasty. It’s a nice el­e­ment,” he says. 1221 Bay St., $27.95

MEAT­LESS WON­DER If you want to try a veg­gie dish by McEwan, try One's spiced egg­plant with mango, cashew, pra­line, co­conut green Thai curry and but­ter­nut squash pad Thai.

GAR­DEN OF EATIN’ SHELI’S BURG­ERS Even though this burger isn’t the most es­thet­i­cally pleas­ing of the bunch, McEwan re­ally likes the taste. “The patty is quite good. I like the lentil in it, and I like the chipo­tle aîoli,” he praises. 7241 Bathurst St., $9.99

BBQ BURGER FRESH ON EGLIN­TON Al­though McEwan loves the quinoa-bat­tered onion ring and the tex­ture of the patty, he says, “If the bun were a lit­tle bit softer, that would have been nice.” 90 Eglin­ton Ave. E., $14

VE­GAN BURGER BURGER CEL­LAR McEwan thinks they did an ex­cel­lent job on the black bean, mush­rooms and quinoa patty. “It has a good char on it,” he says. “The gar­nish­ing is tra­di­tional, and it’s a nice size.” 3391 Yonge St., $12.95

MUSH­ROOM MELT BURGER LIVE OR­GANIC This patty made from red lentils and black rice has the op­tion of com­ing on a gluten-free or on let­tuce, which McEwan says they did a great job of. 264 Dupont St., $15

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