Winter car care: five ways to keep rust at bay

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It’s no se­cret that road salt is ter­rible for our cars. It does a great job mel­ting ice and kee­ping roads safe du­ring the winter, but it’s al­so a ma­jor ca­ta­lyst for rust. Of course, put­ting your car in sto­rage un­til the re­turn of war­mer days is the best way to keep it safe from winter’s harsh ef­fects, but if that isn’t an op­tion, here are some ways you can help prevent rust from ta­king hold in the cold:

1. Have your car pro­fes­sio­nal­ly rust­proo­fed. This is es­pe­cial­ly re­com­men­ded if you fre­quent­ly park in­doors. Dras­tic tem­pe­ra­ture va­ria­tions, es­pe­cial­ly com­bi­ned with the hu­mid air in ga­rages, pro­vide rust with the per­fect en­vi­ron­ment to thrive.

2. Slow down and keep your dis­tances. It’s the best way to mi­ni­mize contact with road de­bris (e.g. salt, sand, rocks from other cars). Your paint job will thank you!

3. Pro­tect the body. Ins­tall mud flaps, a grille guard (clean it of­ten to avoid an ac­cu­mu­la­tion of road salt, which could scratch the paint), or clear plas­tic strips to pro­tect the lo­wer body frame.

4. Wash your car of­ten. It’s im­por­tant to clean your ve­hicle per­io­di­cal­ly du­ring the winter — even though the re­sults won’t last long! — to get rid of cal­cium de­po­sits and other dirt. A dir­ty car is more li­ke­ly to rust. Make sure to tho­rough­ly dry eve­ry­thing off, and avoid wa­shing your car when tem­pe­ra­tures fall be­low -10 °C.

5. Ap­ply sur­face wax. This will pro­tect your paint job, but you’ll need to act fast: the pro­ce­dure re­quires out­door tem­pe­ra­tures above 10 °C to be suc­cess­ful.

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